How Online Word Games Made Me a Good Reader?

by Carol Lee
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Do you know there are three types of people in this world, one who seldom read a book in their lifetime, especially when they are done with their formal education? Then there are people who love reading and lastly the ones who slowly develop a love for reading with time.

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You know why I have written this. I’m from the third category. I’m a technology person, but I disliked reading. I heard from someone that a good book is the best bargain you will ever get in your life.

That is true because you usually pay $3 to $30 for a book. The same price as that of a coffee. But unlike coffee. The book stays with you forever. After you purchase a book, you have to spend time to read and finish it dedicatedly.

Why should you develop a reading habit?

Reading helps you become a better person. Wondering how? Well, the author spends many months expressing his feelings and writing down his thoughts. He shares his life’s experiences or materializes his imagination. When you are reading, you start imagining things and perceive the world. So, you learn from his mistakes and know how to tackle solutions.

Learned new words with online puzzles

When I started reading fiction books, it helped improve my vocabulary as well. But there is one thing more to which I would like to give credit-online word puzzles. Yes. Reading the clues of the crossword is an interesting task. You have to do it carefully and then think of the correct answer that you will submit. This process has helped me learn new words.

Playing online word games has expanded my mind, trained by creative potential, improved empathy, and analytical skills. Puzzles are a great brain workout while letting you disengage from every day worries.

  1.      Choose the favorable theme of the online puzzle

In the beginning, it is important to try a game from a particular theme. Try something you are really passionate about. The more passionate you are, the easier it is for you to solve more games. I initially started playing puzzle games with the football theme. Because I dedicatedly watch football matches for over a decade and know a lot about it, so I thought this would be the best option. To my surprise, I managed to solve almost all the answers of the first ever crossword I tried. Alternatively, you can also start with something you really like.

  1.      Carefully choose the puzzle game platform

Whether you want to try newspaper crosswords or online crosswords, you have to be very careful about choosing the puzzle platform. You can choose The Guardian, The New York Times, La Times, or Wealth Words online crossword puzzles. Take your time to research which one is the best. Out of all of them, Wealth Words is the platform of hundreds of online puzzles that also offers real cash reward when you win the game.

  1.      Don’t go to sleep before solving at least one crossword

Set a goal to solve a minimum of one crossword every day. Sometimes you may take out the time, and sometimes it becomes very difficult. You will realize you feel motivated when you complete one puzzle, and then you get the urge of trying another one.

If you are serious about improving your reading skills, start reading a book, and play online crossword puzzles. There are plenty of online word games in every genre and for every age group. So, go ahead the one you like the best.

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