My mental healing – Journey from depression with magnetic poetry game

by Carol Lee
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Poetry comes from the highest happiness and deepest sorrows.-APJ Abdul Kalam

I suffered spinal stenosis last year, which disabled me to a large extent. Not only physically but also mentally. I could not get up from my bed on my own. I could only eat my meals and had a glass of water myself. Walking properly was a challenge. This made me depressed every passing day.

Poetry was my first love

I don’t have a habit of reading, but this illness of mine forced me to become an avid reader. I started reading fiction novels and eBooks. The second thing I use to do was to write poetry.

Well, I have always been a good poet. My friends say that. One day I read pop up online that said-‘play poetry games and win cash rewards’. At first glance, I felt this is not possible.

Fun poetry games changed things forever

Poetry has been my love for a very long time. I love writing poems since I was a kid in grade 5. Now, I don’t get time from my busy schedule, so I like reading rhymes instead.

In my recovering phase I took out time to read and write poems. When I go to know about the poetry games for adults, it interested me because I had never heard of an online poem based crossword puzzle.
I started playing the game-Wealth Words, and everything changed. I involved myself so much in reading the sentences and filling in the answers that I forgot my pain as I played. The interactive poetry mode game has the ability to heal connective tissues of the mind, making it whole and then reuniting with the world.

I came out of depression and of the feeling that nothing will heal now. The game has also made me an optimistic personality, so I keep feeling what happens, happens for the best.

The act of expression in any form can be liberating, but poetry is something that helps you express feelings in the best possible way. Agree? The release of harbored thoughts and emotions makes the mind feel relaxed.

Playing this free poetry word game is such an amazing option because it offers real money and a mind relaxing experience. Seriously, hats off to whosoever is constructing the poem puzzle for Wealth Words.

They are exceptionally beautiful and creative. It feels like a real-life situation. The act of storytelling has been turned into poetic, maybe because it has advocated truth. Also, they feel completely natural.

How to play interactive poem-mode games?

There are multiple options that you have to fill in the blanks provided. And if all the submitted answers are correct, you win real cash rewards. The cash rewards vary from $2 to $3000. I have been lucky enough to win many games.

Wealth Words mobile story game became my coping mechanism and helped me recover. I can go on and on about the benefits that it offers. Today, I’m living a normal life, and I will give a lot of credit to my physicians of course and also to the online poetry game.

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