Easiest ways to make Instant Money Online Absolutely Free By Apps

by Carol Lee
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There’s nothing better than playing games and making money from them, and that too free of any charges. Playing online games can be a part of your leisure time, and added to that, you can earn a little fortune from games that pay instantly to PayPal instantly.

instant money making apps

A few authentic apps can allow you to bring out your gaming skills and add some rewards to your pocket, but you need to be careful while investing your time in them because there is no shortage of scams and con men in the internet world.

To make your expedition to making money free online a little easier, here is a list of the most amazing game apps that pay you real money.

gaming apps that pay


Mypoints is one of those games that pay real money. You can earn money from streaming their videos or simply participating in their polls. They also have a partnership with a chain of online retail outlets and every time you buy from them you earn points up to 40% of your expenditure. They also have coupons that can be redeemable at various retail outlets. The points can then be emphatically converted to cash in apps like PayPal.

The best thing about this app is that you can play games or participate in any activity free of charge.


Swagbucks is one of the best apps when it comes to winning exciting cash and offers. Swagbucks offers you a plethora of games to choose from and make money. The best way to earn money from this app is by participating in competitive games offered by the platform. The player vs. player games can help you win more cash than games that are designed for single users.

This is one of the game apps that pay you real money even if you just watch their videos, download their games, participate in surveys and explore the shopping portals and purchase online. This app charges an entry fee which is refundable as per their policies.

Publishers Clearing House

Publishers clearing House is another prominent name when it comes to games that pay real money. However, winning cash is not a guaranteed phenomenon in this app. Instead, the app heavily leans on making you participate in different contests and giveaways hosted by them, which comprises million dollar painting and lucky wins or scratch-offs worth thousands of dollars.

The games offered by the platform are of long durations, and chances of winning can be low compared to winning from contests. However, playing such games will provide you with an entry pass to the contests.


Mistplay is one of the quirky and fun game apps that pay you real money. This is an app that is designed to work specifically for the users of Android phones. The platform offers multiple games to choose from and participate in. They have divided their currency into two board categories PXP, GXP, and Units.

PXP or Player Experience Points is something that you earn whenever you participate in any of the games featured by the platform. These points are directly added to your user account, and the more you have these points, the more credible you become for earning cash. Game Experience Points, on the other hand, are specific to the games offered by them. The more GXP a game has, the more money you can earn from it.

Units are points redeemable for rewards, much like gift cards. The game consists of no hidden charges, and they payout by shooting emails with associated details.

Long Game

Long Game is one of the unique games that pay real money. The system of saving money in this app is akin to banks. This app provides you the opportunity of making money by playing games. This app operates with the checking and savings account system. Depositing any amount to your savings part can earn you coins which can be further redeemable for playing games in the app. Winning the game can land you numerous lucrative cash prizes, which will directly be deposited into your account.

The long game has an interest rate of 0.1% APY, which applies to your savings account. However, your checking account is not subject to any interest.


Givling is one of those exciting game apps that pay you real money. Both available for iPhone and Android users, this app offers rewards in cash and helps students pay off their loans. There are two specific ways of winning:

You can join in their trivia games in a team of three people and answer their trivia questions in True or False. The team with the highest score is entitled to the cash prize. Giving operates in a crowdfunding system and helps students who have the burden of paying their education loans. This platform allows brands to feature their ads, and the app saves a part of the revenue generated from the display to pay off the loans. To qualify for this life-changing service, you need to gain the queue points offered by Givling from playing their daily games.


InboxDollars is one of the exciting games that pay real money. This app operates with a savings account. You need to first deposit in your account, and then they will offer you coins which you can further invest in playing games. This comes with an exciting 30-Days Free Use trial, and then it’s free until you use direct deposits. There is a slight risk associated with investing in this game. While the standard rate for APY is 1% it’s only 0.1% in the case of InboxDollars, and the other 0.9% of interest is a potential risk-based investment for winning daily payouts. However, 0.9% is still a petty amount to gamble for winning up to $1,000,000.

Online game apps that pay you real money are the easiest and exciting ways of earning money without keeping anything at stake. It can be a perennial source of revenue if used prudently.

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