How to Top in Your Exams?

by Max Fragar
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Have you ever felt the examination fever? The pressure of excelling in your exams? Most of us feel anxiety and some get nervous just a night before the exam! Luckily, we are here to help you in your struggle to top in your exams. So, how will you do that?

1. Make a Schedule:

does anybody how to study

The most prior thing for you should be making a schedule. Divide your day in such a way that you get proper time to study a particular subject. Making a schedule will help you to stay focused and you can keep a check on your progress.

2. Review old exams:

review old exams


It’s very important to go through the old examination papers. Reviewing past exams will help you to re-evaluate your technique of studying. You will get a brief idea about the type of questions that can come in your exams. Hence, you can prepare accordingly.

3. Ignore distractions:


Getting good grades isn’t an easy job. You need to devote every minute. Go to the library or find a place at home where nobody can disturb you. You need to keep your cell phones silent and keep your social media at bay for a few days. Even a little chit-chat while studying can deviate you from fulfilling your goals. So, sit in a silent place and study.

4. Keep your mind active:

keep your mind active

While examinations, you might find difficulty to memorize the topics. You may feel tired. It all happens because your mind is not relaxed. To keep your mind active, you should take short breaks. You can listen to light music, play mind games and crossword puzzle games. Playing brain games will activate your brain and will help you to visualize and memorize the things easily.

5. Keep your Body Healthy:

keep your body healthy

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Exam time is a tough time. Don’t panic. Instead of skipping your diets just to complete your syllabus it’s better you focus on your health too. Drink ample of water and eat healthy food. Eat almonds in the morning; add green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits in your diet. Avoid oily and concentrated food, and you will feel refreshed and healthy.

6. Stay Calm:

be cool

With the exam date coming closer, you might feel stress. Studies suggest that little stress is good. It helps you to perform well and think effectively. But taking unnecessary pressure can be harmful. Remember, you are not the only person who is appearing for the exams. So, it’s ok to share your fear with your parents and friends. Don’t doubt your abilities. If you have planned well for the exams, nobody can stop you from being a topper!

7. Sleep Well:

sleep well


Have you ever heard the saying “Rest is best before the test?” So, to stay up all night before the exam is not going to help you in any way. Try to take sleep on time without bothering much. When your mind will get proper rest you will automatically feel energized. So, take a glass of hot milk and eradicate all your worries.

So, ready to break the barriers? Well, there’s nothing scary about exams. It’s all in your head. Stay focused, take a deep breath and just remember – You can do it!

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