Daily earn money online without investment

by Amelia Miller
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Lets us share 51 way of Daily earn money online without investment, Generating a source of income from online jobs is now at the peak of relevancy. The COVID-19 pandemic has showcased the surge in work-from-home and passive-online income sources, now that several of us have difficulties finding a new full-time job while others were even laid-off due to economic decline. The benefit of flexible working hours, hand-picked clientele, choice of deadline acceptance, and efficient workflow is all part of the perks of online jobs.


Daily earn money online without investment


While several other guides will clickbait the readers with catchy content marketing like “Become rich online…” we will be honest with you. The rate of your income will depend on how unique you are in doing something done by thousands of others and the frequency of work you can get done.

While the accessibility of online sources of earning money is easy, earning sustainable earning from these platforms is a different ball game altogether. Most of these jobs are best suited to earn short-burst of money with a short duration of work. Hence, these are mostly touted as a passive source of income. However, with the increased frequency of work, making these your primary income source is possible.

Quick Daily earn money online without investment

Here are the best 51 ways to earn money online with zero to little investment, have a look at some good money making opportunities below-


  1. Blogging:

Blogging is the most common and traditional way of earning money online. Do you have a knack for writing content in a specific niche? If yes, then you can get started with your blog.

The content of these blogs could be informative, educational, or entertainment (fictional or non-fictional stories). Blogging platforms like Google’s Blogger, or WordPress, will allow you to get started with blogging for free.

However, to make your site look and function more professionally, you would need to make some little optional investments in having a domain or opting for hosting, or getting an SSL certificate, etc.

Once you are done with writing the first few contents in your blog, you can monetize it. You can earn money by advertising your blog’s content with platforms such as Google’s Adsense or Media.net.


  1. Start your own YouTube channel:

Hundreds of thousands of content creators have found success on YouTube by making video content in several niches. These can range from Make-up tutorials; home renovation guides to tech reviews, educational or entertainment content.

You can earn anywhere in the range of $100+ to $1000+ with the monetization of your videos by showing ads on them. However, the amount of earning would depend on the keywords and niche of the video, number of subscribers, number of viewers, audience engagement on the video, and the duration of the video.


  1. Affiliate Marketing:

Almost every E-Commerce website offers an affiliate partnership program for content creators. If you are reviewing a product available on any of these e-commerce websites, you can include the affiliate link of the product in your review/guide, etc.

When visitor traffic will visit the product page from the link in your content, and buy the product or any product. Then the affiliate partner will receive a small percentage of commission based on the product type and cost.

Amazon Affiliates is one the most well-known affiliate marketing programs.


  1. Sell your crafts:

Suppose you are good with arts and crafts jewelry making or other such hand-made products. Then platforms like Etsy or Shopify will enable you to capitalize on these talents by selling your hand-made products for profit.


  1. Academic Writer:

Websites like Upwork, Freelancer, and iWriter, offer money for writing content as per your client’s requirement. In academic writing, you can help the clients with their coursework projects/ assignments and get paid for them.


  1. Freelancing:

Freelancers are free to work for any company and offer any of their desired skills. You can be an engineer who could provide solutions to a firm or a web developer who could design a website for the firm. The opportunities are limitless for all types of freelancers having different expertise. These jobs are available on platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, etc.


  1. Social-Media Management:

You can manage social media accounts and post for start-ups, firms, or individual celebrities, or business people. You would have to schedule posts, run social-media advertising campaigns, and capitalize on trends to help your client grow public relations.


  1. Sponsored Posts:

If you have thousands of social media followers, then you can collaborate with firms. You will have to showcase their service or product in your social media posts. Earning will depend on the engagement of the post and the traffic you can divert to their links.

According to BBC, Kylie Jenner was paid around $1.2 million for a single post on Instagram.


  1. E-tutor:

 If you have teaching expertise in any subject, then sign up on an E-tutoring platform like Preply. You can charge an hourly rate per student. These rates usually average around $15/hour.


  1. Sell your courses:

 This option is for those who are inclined to teach but are not necessarily looking forward to tutoring. You can design your course structures for beginner, moderate, and advanced levels. These courses are usually sold as one-time purchases on platforms like Coursera, Udemy, Upgrad, Lynda.com, etc.


  1. Captcha Solving:

Are you familiar with the “Are you a Robot?” captchas? Those captchas are made of randomized pictures selected by the algorithm, but their object recognition game is not strong. So, humans need to teach them by solving these captchas for these algorithms. As a captcha solver, you will earn as you fill the quota of solves.


You can earn around 0.5$ per 1000 solved Captchas on platforms like 2Captcha.


  1. Cryptocurrency Mining:

 You can use your graphics card in your PC to mine cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin, etc. You will get paid in small percentages of these cryptocurrencies. This is extremely popular due to the surging value of several cryptocurrencies.


  1. Filling Surveys:

 Platforms like Branded Surveys, Swagbucks, etc., offer points for filling up surveys. These points can then be converted into money and withdrawn. Most platforms offer a conversion rate of 100 points = $1. While mostly per survey you can earn points within the range of 50-500.


  1. Data-Entry Operator:

 In these types of jobs, you will be typically asked to enter data manually into databases. Your clientele may vary from private firms, schools to government organizations.


  1. Write an Ebook:

You can use platforms like Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) to publish your E-Book. The published books will also reach the large subscriber base of Amazon’s Kindle services.


  1. Start a podcast:

 You can also start a podcast on platforms like Spotify, Apple Podcasts and get paid either by your own integrated sponsored slots in the podcast session or platform advertisements. The platform will pay you based on duration, niche, audience engagement, and the number of streams.


  1. Online Sports Coach/ Gym Trainer:

 Online Sports Coaches and Gym trainers were on the rise amidst the pandemic when everyone was stuck in their home.

If you have the expertise for physical sports, indoor games (like chess), or gym training, you can get paid for your services offered online.


  1. Stock Photos and Videos:

 Sell your stock photos or video footage for republishing or usage in other’s contents. You can directly sell your photos or videos on platforms like Pixels, Shutterstock, VideoBlocks, Fiverr, etc.


  1. Online Accountant:

 You can book-keep, track finances and transactions, and evaluate taxes for firms or business individuals.


  1. Proof-Reading And Copywriting:

Proof-Reading huge pieces of content like thesis, novels, comics, scripts, etc. Or Copywriting for campaigns and firms can be a good source of income from online platforms.


  1. Legal Consultancy:

If you are a lawyer, you can offer consultancy on a range of services like legal disputes, patents, regulatory permissions, etc.


  1. Travel-Agent:

You can reserve tickets for others and charge a commission on them.


  1. Trip-planner:

Like being a travel agent, you can book hotels, sightseeing, guides, etc. for tourists, and charge a commission.


  1. Make Online Applications for people:

If you have coding knowledge, then you can develop apps/software for Android and iOS. This pays well often.


  1. Offer Coding Service:

You can offer your coding knowledge by developing websites, landing pages, site maintenance, web platforms, etc.


  1. UI/UX Tester:

Often, back-end coders lack the expertise to recognize a flaw in the user interface or user experience while using the platform. The UI/UX tester comes in to evaluate the ease of use and bugs in the platform’s interface. Often, you can get by being a UI/UX tester without having any coding knowledge.


  1. Review Products:

Suppose you have a platform where you can share your opinions with a large number of guaranteed audiences. Then you can get paid by the firm to post reviews of their services/products. There is no direct involvement of payment in some cases, but you can keep the product after the review. In those cases, you can flip for profit.


  1. Offer Digital Media Services:

You can offer services like digital advert designing, photo-editing, video-editing, animation, etc. These can fetch a lot of money.


  1. Business Network and Consultancy:

Suppose you have a lot of business contacts, networks, and good experience in business ventures. Then you can offer your expertise as a Business Network consultant.


  1. Transcription:

If you have the domain over non-local languages, then you can offer speech-to-text transcription services.


  1. Online Assistant:

You can schedule and manage your client’s workflow from a remote location by being a virtual assistant. You may have to work for hours which would not be flexible to your requirements.


  1. Customer Service:

You can work as online customer support and work them through troubleshooting of an issue.


  1. Tele-marketer:

You will be calling or emailing people to sell them your client’s service or product.


  1. Dropshipping:

This is a retail strategy of E-Commerce where individual sellers will not directly ship the products. The individual seller orders the stock in bulk and sends them to warehouses like Amazon, which then handles the shipping to the customer. Often individual sellers buy products from vendors in sites like Aliexpress and directly ship to the customer’s address while pocketing the profit.


  1. Online Translator:

You can act as a translator over phone-call or online conferences. These are perfect for people who have fluent expertise in foreign languages. These can pay quite well, usually in the range of $30/ hour – $100+/ hour.


  1. Online Dietician or nutrition expert:

If you have the experience and domain knowledge, you can sign-up on platforms like onpoint-nutrition.com, Fiverr, Amwell, etc. These jobs can fetch as much as $30-$60 per session.


  1. Online Psychiatrists :

Like the previous gig, if you have a degree in Psychiatry or Psychology, you can offer your evaluation and consultancy. You can earn from platforms like LiveHealthOnline.com, Teladoc, Talkspace, etc.


  1. Singing Coach:

 You can use platforms like Fiverr to utilize your singing talent to coach and train others.


  1. Stand-Up Comedian:

You can have your stand-up comedy shows on online platforms like Zoom, etc. You can use ticket booking sites like BookMyShow, Fandango, etc.


  1. Personalized Content Creator:

You can offer to write personalized content like songs, stories, poems, etc., for your clients. Platforms like Fiverr can be great for these.


  1. Voice Acting:

If you have the talent to modulate your voice, you can offer services like voiceovers, voice manipulation, mimicry, etc.


  1. Music Creator:

Again, if you have the talent to create and mix music, you can offer services to make soundtracks, sound effects, etc.


  1. Stock Trading:

You can invest in stocks and garner a profit from selling them at high.


  1. Forex Trading:

Just like stocks, you can invest in several currencies.


  1. Online Games:

Play online games like Rummy, Bingo4Money, Wealth Words, etc., to earn money for winning the games. Check out games to win real money free games to win real money Today.


  1. Beta Tester:

You can also beta-test platforms, websites, apps, games before it is officially launched to help developers find bugs and issues with the iteration. Platforms like Test.io offer such paid jobs.


  1. PTC sites:

Pay-To-Click sites pay you for clicking on links, ads, filling up surveys. However, a lot of PTC sites are scams and often contain malicious links.

Users should only opt for legit sites like ySense, Neobux, etc.


  1. Flipping Old Stuff:

You can sell your old stuff online on eBay or Quikr, just like in a garage sale.


  1. Refurbishing Products and selling them online:

 If you have the technical knowledge, you can refurbish and restore tech products, vintage items and sell them for a profit on eBay.


  1. Online Journalism:

You can be a freelance journalist, take online interviews, and write for web platforms of media organizations.


  1. Record Videos on Web-cam:

You can shoot tutorial videos, live stream games, or shoot erotic videos for money (Although this is considered taboo in several societies).


We’re grateful to be living in these times because there are so many money making opportunities available to us that require little to no investment. The important thing is to consider which of these opportunities you have the skills and passion to pursue and start making a sustainable income from them. Don’t forget share our “daily earn money online without investment” with family, friends and connections

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