Wealth Words – Best Word Crossing Money Making Game!

by Carol Lee
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Nowadays playing a puzzle game has never been that interesting than in Wealth Words: where you get paid to do puzzles or word searches.

Word Crossing games have always been fun and addictive word games where you analyze the clues to enter your answer letters to create a Word!

Wealth Words have the best collection of Online Crossword Puzzles, Word search puzzle and Story-Poem games with new ones being added regularly.

All of these puzzle games are fun to play, but also educational, in fact, you can earn real money out of these money making games.

From crossword puzzle games to story poem games, we have you covered with our collection of free and paid word games. No download needed!

Some puzzle games are 100% free to play, and some of them are paid. The best part is you can make money from both- free as well as paid games.

Plus, if you are confident about your skills and little more adventurous, you can try hard and expert crossword or paid games having higher cash prizes.

To get started playing, just register and select a game of your own choice and “BOOM.”

If you are a Puzzle lover, give any of these given online variants a shot.

Play Free Online Crossword Puzzle Games

Play free online puzzle games

Play Real Money Earning Crossword Games

real money earning games

Interactive Poetry Games


Interactive Story Games


Gaming Tips

The game gives you the opportunity to add filters and choose the game of your choice: Select preferable game type like poems, stories or standard crossword.

You can also pick the language you are comfortable in.

Also, you can go for the category or theme as per your pre liking.

The best part is to choose a free or paid game so that you can win huge.

  • Once you have chosen the puzzle, just go through the entire maze.

Daily puzzles online

  • The entire puzzle consists of words. Each word has a clue in the Across-Down Section.

Prize pool

  • To check the appropriate hints, simply click on the ‘Across or Down.’
  • Analyze the clues and use your skills to enter your answer for each word.
  • Answer by merely clicking on the blank space or by clicking on a clue to highlight its position and use your keyboard to fill in the missing letter.

Prize pool

  • Once you are done and satisfied with your answer.
  • Click ‘SUBMIT PUZZLE’ and then click ‘YES’ to complete your entry.

From word search games to puzzle games, we have you covered with our collection of free word games. No download needed!

Enjoy crossword puzzles- classic real money earning puzzle game with varieties of free and paid problems! Solve our Word Search puzzles online!

Have fun with Wealth Words Word Crossing!

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