12 Best Crossword Puzzle Books You Must Try in 2021

by Max Fragar
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If there was any time to get better and become a pro at crossword, this is it.

Not only because all of you are stuck at home amid lockdown but because you are living in the golden age of crossword.

According to Will Shortz, The New York Times crossword editor, puzzles have become very interesting.

They are well-made today as compared to earlier times because they are not as bookish as they used to be.

The themes have become unique and are based on real time events. This is the reason why people have started trying online crossword games, solving crossword books, etc.

Many crossword constructors and lovers have written many puzzle books.

We have curated the list of best crossword puzzle books of all times that you must buy and solve:

1) Simon & Schuster Mega Crossword Book #19

Author: Simon & Schuster

Simon & Schuster celebrates 95 years of crossword puzzles. It introduces 300 new, never published before Thursday to Sunday sized mind-boggling puzzles. Now is the time to sharpen your pencils and get going.

In 1924, Simon & Schuster published their first book ever “The Crossword Puzzle Book”.

This was the first book on crossword ever printed in history.

After ninety-five years later today, Simon & Schuster’s legendary legacy still continues with this Simon & Schuster Mega Crossword Book.

It offers crossword lovers hours of challenging fun at a different level altogether.

Constructed by the best crossword constructors and then edited by the top puzzle master, John M Samson.

The book- Simon & Schuster Mega Crossword Puzzle Book #19 is specifically designed by keeping convenience in mind and features perforated pages so that the solver can tear out puzzles and then work on them. 

With the help of this timeless and unique collection of puzzles, this interesting book will certainly delight long-time puzzle stalwarts.

2) The New York Times Greatest Hits of Monday Crossword Puzzles: 100 Easy Puzzles

Author: Will Shortz

Everyone knows Monday New York Times puzzles are amazing. How do you get them for solving?

Well, The New York Times Greatest Hits of Monday Puzzles: 100 Easy Puzzles offers the most interesting puzzles of all time.


  • 100 Monday puzzles
  • Bold and fun series cover design
  • Edited by Will Shortz 

3) Diagramless Crossword

Author: Richard Emmons

Do you know what diagramless puzzles are? Never heard about them before? 

Diagramless puzzles are similar to standard crosswords having only one major difference-the crossword grid is absolutely blank.

You not only have to find the clue answers but also figure out where the black squares go. 

This big book crossword has 60 diagramless puzzles having varied difficulty levels.

The grid size is also different for different daily puzzles. It ranges from 13×13 squares all the way to 23×23 squares. The solutions are in the book itself.

You may have heard many books about crosswords but this one is unique.

However, there is a separate section on tips for solving these challenging crossword puzzles.

If you need some hint or help regarding the solution, you will be given the starting square for the first answer in the back of the book. For more help, the first word is also given.

4) Challenge Accepted! 100 Word Searches 

Author: Andy Kravis

What do you think, how exciting crossword puzzle books for seniors can be?

This one, Challenge Accepted! 100 Word Searches is easy to read a collection of large-print word searches that help enhance skills for novice crossword solvers and veterans alike.

Do you want to get better in solving crossword puzzles? 

Well, get 100-word search crosswords featuring 25+ clues each. You know what, you get more diagonals and shared letters than your standard word search books for adults.


  • This general knowledge crossword book for adults helps in developing memory, concentration, and focus.
  • You can explore new and interesting words that are drawn from a variety of themes available.
  • Large, clean and clear layouts make them easy puzzles.

Take on one of the most engaging word search books for adults you’ve ever seen.

What are you waiting for now, purchase the book and take on one of the most engaging large book crosswords for adults.

Enjoy hours of brain testing and have fun.

5) Triple Decker Trivia

Author: Joon Pahk

Triple Decker Trivia has cool themes quizzes that gives a solver something extra to figure out. This takes the trivia game to another level. 

You have to figure out the right answers for the given questions. Find their connection and move one step ahead towards the final destination. On every step, you will find four quizzes that have a missing link. 

For example, the answer to one quiz is “Pawn Stars” and Ellery Queen, having a connection with chess.

You have to link up the theme with other puzzles like Chicago and popular cats to find the best and final connection.

You will certainly fall in love with the multilayered challenge.

6) 100 Years 100 Crosswords

Author: Peter Gordon

If you are a real crossword enthusiast, you will be aware of the fact that it has been more than 100 years that crosswords were first published in a newspaper. 

Well, what better way to celebrate that century with 100 puzzles from the best crossword constructors.

The fiction crossword range from the sublime-Lindbergh’s solo flight across the Atlantic-to the ridiculous-2004’s Super Bowl “wardrobe malfunction. 

All the crossword aficionados will definitely fall in love with the amazing collection of this centenary collection of puzzles.

7) Food for Thought

Author: Erik Agard

Are you a book lover crossword aficionado?

If yes, you can feed your brain with the 72 delicious tasty puzzles that have astonishing fun related puns as well as themes.

The menu has options that range from the simplest to most difficult puzzles. The unique book ensures that there is something for everyone.

Bon appétit!

8) Thinking Inside the Box 

Author: Adrienne Raphel

As soon as the first ever crossword was published in the newspaper 100 years ago, it was a massive hit. 

In 1913 the New York World newspaper was looking to fill the empty space of the newspaper with a new interesting game, then crossword was discovered.

Ever since this amazing crossword puzzle quiz game has been an essential element of every newspaper having a grid of black and white squares.

It has been an important ingredient of any newspaper. The puzzle solvers range from a small kid to the elderly. 

Popular celebrities like Martha Stewart, Bill Clinton, and Yo-Yo Ma are core crossword lovers.

Today, the popularity of quick crossword books has also helped crossword lovers solve their favorite puzzles.

The crossword love is so much that the quiz game has managed to make its way to the breakfast tables, nightstands commutes and also given rise to competitive crossword tournaments.

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At the biggest crossword tournament, The American Crossword Puzzle Tournament, Adrienne Raphel dives into the secret of the classic pastime of solving crosswords.

She analyses the mindset of the crossword pro and also visited the home and office of The New York Times crossword editor, Will, Shortz. 

As ingenious as it is fun, Thinking Inside the Box is the best quiz book in the crossword book store that is a treat for the die-hard cruciverbalists.

9) The Million Word Crossword Dictionary 

Authors: Stanley Newman and Daniel Stark

Meticulously compiled by two different professionals, Stanley Newman and Daniel Stark, they have fifty years in the field of crosswords.

Based on the massive analysis of the current puzzles, there has never been a crossword dictionary with the ideal breadth, depth, and accuracy as this one. 

Well, the wide range of entries includes more than 500000 synonyms, 3000+ films, 20000 different popular celebrities from all fields and more than 50000 fill in blanks.

Featuring the introduction by the New York Times puzzles editor Will Shortz, this Million Word Crossword Dictionary makes every other crossword dictionary obsolete. 

This one is the updated edition that has thousands of new entries like slang, brand names, celebrity names, sports personalities, novelists and more. The larger size makes it easy to find the answers to the clues. 

10) Wickedly Hard Fireball Crossword

Author: P. Gordon


It can’t get more challenging than this. 

If you are someone who loves Friday and Saturday New York Times Crossword, these puzzles will take a toll on your mind.

All the 45 puzzles are going to test your mind as they have wickedly tricky themes, cunning clues, and many fun facts.

Solve them and have a good time.

11) Maverick Crosswords Paperback 

Author: Andrew J. Ries

The classic crossword constructor, Andrew J. Ries, wants to make the Inde puzzle scene popular.

This is because topics and language are not limited to the artistic freedom reigns. They’re not even a single look regarding how the grid must look.

These 72 crosswords are originally created for this book that ranges from easy to hard puzzles.

They lively fill life, currently vocabulary and first-state themes. It has everything that a modern crossword solver wants.

12) The Tims Big Book of Cryptic Crossword 6

By the Times Mind Games

This is one of the most popular cryptic crossword puzzle books of all time. 

If you are seeking mental stimulation and want to test your analytical skills, put the puzzling skills to test with these crosswords.

In this 6th volume, the book gives you the opportunity to test lateral thinking with plenty of crossword quizzes offering hours of entertainment.

We hope you liked the list of top crossword books we have shortlisted for you.

Go ahead to purchase any of these books and have amazing time solving the clues and filling in the blanks. 

Happy puzzling!

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