The Power of Taking Breaks & Playing Online Crossword Puzzle Game

by Carol Lee
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I know you are in no mood of taking a break right now.

Maybe you are too busy. This article is more than a few tabs that you have opened on your system or phone browser.

Your to-do list is quite close by and packed with a long list of tasks.

Each one of you will agree to the fact that there is always a better way to do things but how many of you actually look for a different way?

And this is the reason you keep going like you always have.

Life is a peculiar fusion of different moments of action and a blend of work and rest.

There should be a gap between professional and personal life. Taking breaks is very important

Importance of Taking a Break

1) Game breaks at work

Have you ever tried

apps where you win real money? They are very interesting and help in making you more productive in  your work life.

You may have not realized but work breaks are very important.

When you divert your mind and play an online crossword game, it tends to increase your productivity and boost employee morale.

This further leads to higher job satisfaction providing you with balanced emotional health and a desire to move ahead.

2) Combat boredom

Sometimes, you are really in the groove of a task project. At that point of time, the ideas are flowing and you feel great.

But, that doesn’t last forever if you are stretched from that productivity zone. Do you have an idea what changes?

The human brain was not built for that extended amount of focus. The brain is vigilant all the time as it keeps detecting different changes to ensure survival.

The good news is that there is a fix for this. All you need is a small break to get back on track.

3) Retain information and make connections

Your brain has two modes: the “focussed mode” which is used while learning something new or while working.

Next is the “diffuse mode”, which is the relaxed, daydream mode when you are not thinking that hard.

Some studies have proved that you solve most difficult problems when you are in diffused mode.

For example how many times have you found a great idea while you were daydreaming?

Next time you have a challenging problem to solve, allow your brain to wander and let it find its own solution instead of pushing it to resolve the issue. Try

game apps that make you money and make your logical thinking stronger.

4) Refocus on your work

The time you have for the actual work is consumed by emails, meetings, and tasks that seem to get you nowhere.

A brief break with something interesting like daily puzzles online is a good way to push the restart button.

You can then spend the next block of time on a very important project and block all the distractions.

5) You get a sense of the bigger picture

When you focus on the details of a difficult task, it becomes very easy to lose sight of the bigger strategic picture.

Take a break, step back and then think about the objectives.

Take out 5 minutes every couple of hours and see what can make a big difference in the way the day goes.

Then make a list of your priorities to ensure that you are giving your attention to the right tasks and projects.

By taking stock in what has been done and what has to be completed before the day ends, you get ready for the upcoming success.

This broader view is very important for the managers who have to maintain their focus on strategic goals and shouldn’t be distracted by the process-driven tasks that can be delegated to other team members. You can also

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6) You become more creative

How many times have you literally struggled very bad to find the solution to a problem or have come up with creative ideas?

You will be related to this-the perfect idea clicks to you whenever you are having dinner or a bath in a shower.

Spending innumerable hours with nose to the grindstone is likely to harm when it comes to creativity.

Never think that taking a break can reduce the ability to be creative.

Rather, if you are skipping lunch to push work in an intense cognitive capacity, then you are not doing any favor to yourself.

Take a break by playing online crossword and give your brain enough time to rest and recharge.

It is similar to an athlete who allows his brain to rest and recharge after a race or a training session. This surely energizes you for the next task ahead.

7) Cultivate healthier habits

Whenever you are busy and stressed, things like eating healthy, getting a good amount of sleep or involving yourself in a brain training exercise can easily fall by the side.

Stress never allows you to produce quality work. Take proper eating breaks and indulge in simple games like playing real money games and allow yourself for a little decompression.  Do you have 

list of puzzle games that are very interesting? It helps to add a fun element in your life.

You could even try to squeeze in 20-minute nap that spaces in your working memory for new information and keep the knowledge in the long-term memory.

8) More productive

Instituting a schedule of solving the clues and then finding the answer of online puzzle game helps in expanding your memory.

Take regular breaks and give yourself a series of min-deadlines and this will spur you to finish the task more quickly. Try

free mind games and divert your mind for some time.

Have you ever wondered, whether it is better to complete your work in short time spans or to simply power through it?

It has been proven that most employees send more than 40 hours a week. There are few that don’t even take breaks.

9) Personal development time

There is no separate time that you take for your personal growth, do you?

Solving clues of the online crossword app helps in expanding your vocabulary, improving cognitive and analytical skills.

Short breaks are seriously an amazing way to do something for your personal growth. This makes you more valuable to your workplace over time.

Whenever you feel thirsty, you drink water, right? Same is the case here.

Whenever you feel exhausted, you should take a break and start playing an online real money word puzzle game that relaxes the mind.  

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