Revealing The Secret to Become Successful in Crossword Puzzles

by Max Fragar
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Want to play a game?

Most of you will immediately say a YES then a NO.

Games tend to entertain you, challenge you, and educate you. Some games also bring serious challenges more than others.

Also, many think that crosswords are a game of elite or a game for scholarly individuals. 

But it does not have to be that way. The truth is that anyone can enjoy crosswords, and anyone can become a master in solving a crossword game.

However, it is not rocket science to enhance your crossword. You can always get better at crosswords by playing it quite often. 

So, what else can you do?

Read on, you will automatically find your ways through!!

Enhancing your Crossword Skills With Wealth Words

So, before deciding to put your hands on the games to enhance your crossword skills. Know what you need to know to be good at crosswords. 

Here, you will need to have a strong vocabulary along with good spelling skills. Familiarizing yourself with synonyms will help you as well.

At times, the clues have more than one answer. Knowing synonyms can really work. 

So, what else can you do?

Well, the answer is simple- Play with Wealth Words!!

No, you don’t have to go through the best crossword puzzle books, Of course not!

Just log in to your Wealth Words account by entering your credentials. Now, go through the games available on the website and start playing!

Select your favorite game and get started!! Some of our favorites are:

  • Crossword Puzzle
  • Poem Games
  • Story Games
  • Event Puzzle Games

You can easily find the list of games by clicking on the Play Games menu. You might have to buy tokens for certain games to put your hands on.

While playing on Wealth Words you will come across from the easiest to the hardest crossword puzzle, so keeping persistent while playing can really help you to enhance your skills. 

Who knows, you may earn a handful of cash as well!!

Do not stop here!

Let’s now take a look at a few games that can help you to become successful in Crossword Game.

Types Of Crossword Puzzles To Make You Better 

Here, the list below includes the types of crossword games that will make you successful while playing them.

You can always start with the less familiar games to start with!

The Wiki Puzzle Game

Do you ever read out stuff on Wikipedia?

Well, we all do at least once in our lifetime. 

Now…there is a game based on this platform named The WIKI GAME that can help you observe the connections between unconnected things. Just like in many themed crossword clues. 

This game is the best platform to get yourself acquainted with all the crossword tricks and strategies in a short period.

Scrabble With Loved Ones

Scrabble is the best game that makes you learn to fit the words into the crossword grid.

Playing the game often also improves your spelling and vocabulary (that plays quite an important role). It also helps you to think swiftly. 

Riddles and Strategy-based Word Games

Well, success in crosswords is highly dependent upon using your brain and thinking out of the box.

The clues in the form of questions are something you should always try to solve at first.

By solving some riddles, you will train your brain to think of synonyms or words with alternate meanings. 

But, What and how to play the crossword puzzle or even a riddle?

Poems and Story-based games at Wealth Words are the best options here!

The Ultimate Brain Teasers & Word Searches 

Brain teasers and word searches can really help you to learn more words. Playing crossword games based on word search themes lets you identify the RED HERRING (homophones, as we call it, in other words). 

Also, the themed word searches allow you to develop your vocabulary and knowledge. 

Can You Make Money With Crossword Puzzles?

The simple answer to this question is- YES. 

If you like crossword puzzles then consider turning your puzzle-solving experience into a way to earn some extra money.

There are a number of platforms like Wealth Words that will actually pay you to play crossword puzzles- Something you can start with immediately!

Apart from playing crossword puzzles, you can also earn by making crossword puzzles. Now, that’s true!!

If you know How to Make a Crossword Puzzle on Microsoft Word or any other platform, you can earn oodles of money.

For every crossword game published, you get paid a fixed sum of money depending on the platform you choose to publish. 

How Hard is it to Create a Puzzle?

The Crossword creators nowadays tend to use the software to make the word list using the themes.

You can use various platforms like Crossword Compilers, Across Lite, and more to create one.

These features are the widely used ones and come with rich features that you can work with. 

The difficulty in creating a crossword consist of two different parts:

1) Creating a Grid

Creating grids can be quite challenging. The most basic need in an American crossword puzzle is the grids. However, these have to be presented in a specific presentation, and that is

2) All words must intersect

This means that every white cell is for at least two words.

3) Symmetrical Black Pattern

You have to place the black blocks so that the pattern looks the same from every angle- A tricky Job, right?

You can use computer software to find words that intersect perfectly.

Now, talking about the black blocks, you can activate a few options on your software to ensure that it is symmetrical in every way possible. 

4) Creating Clues

Here’s a tricky part, you need to add a clue for every word in your puzzle.

The way you create the clue and phrase them can help you to settle down onto a theme. It also decides the difficulty level of your crossword. 

Clues can be very straight-forward, like the Capital of The US (for Washington DC), but tricky too, like Bring up the rear? (for moon).

Such tricky clues are always in the form of questions. This will make the user think a little out of the box. 

Becoming Successful by Selecting a Unique Hook

Yes, you can make money by playing or creating a crossword. It is best to come up with a hook or differentiate gimmick that makes it unique. 

Here, try to identify the theme and series of the puzzle. This will further help you find the clue or maybe the answer.

Whatever approach you decide to go for, the key is to participate actively with a unique crossword puzzle strategy.

Here’s is what else you can do:

  • Be Persistent and Focused
  • Practice Word Games
  • Read Books and Use Dictionary More often

While there are many easier ways to make money, playing crosswords is definitely one of them.

Be forewarned that making a good amount of money out of your hobby requires patience and hard work- So, Keep Trying! However, the road to making money by playing or writing Crossword Puzzle can be a rough one.

You can only make a possible profit from it if you have the right drive and passion. 

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