This Online Word Game took my Interpersonal Communication Skills a Notch Higher

by Carol Lee
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Being able to communicate and express yourself is perhaps one of the most important life skills. It is no mystery why good communication skills top the list-be at school, college or workplace.

If you are proficient in English, you will certainly leave a good impression. Moreover, with English being recognized as a global language and people all over the world speaking it, its knowledge is very important. In addition, fluency is equally important. I always wondered people who were efficient in English read more books, played online word games, learned new words every day or what do they do?

Words never came easy to me. I have memorized an endless list of vocabulary but still found myself short of words whenever I wanted to express myself.

I always kept admiring people who would speak flawlessly with all the beautifully crafted words. And wished to do the same some fine day. Reading the newspaper was the first thing I started doing every morning and also enrolled myself in the English language course.

But nothing worked maybe due to lack of practice. No matter what I did, I was getting bored, and I had put myself under a lot of pressure.

I was an avid newspaper reader, and this helped me find something that changed everything thereafter. My eyes got stuck in the word puzzle game, and I was eager to solve. I tried for more than an hour, but I couldn’t solve it completely.

The best thing was-I learned new things. Now, this was interesting. From there I started liking online puzzles. Things moved a notch higher when I began solving clues of online word gameWealth Words. The wonderful game not only helped me enhanced vocabulary but also improved English.

I solve clues every day. Whenever I commute for office, I make sure I play online crossword game. The game not only helps improve my personality but also offers cash prizes. This is something that lures many. My confidence escalates to new heights. The brainstorming hour that helps me think about the right words that would fit in the puzzle.

As I solve free puzzle game I have to realize, it is the best way to improve the English language:

Learn sentences and words

This will take away the pressure from you. Whenever you learn a new word, also memorize a couple of sentences that contain it. There are many who learn the words and their meanings by heart but have no idea about the utilization. when you know how to use it in a sentence, one doesn’t have to think if the sentence is grammatically correct or not.

Practicing interrogatives

As communication is a two-way process. It becomes interesting when someone asks questions. You never run out of ideas about what to say and what not to while asking questions. Others will always have something to add.

What is your opinion?

Why do you think this happened?

These type of questions helps the conversation move smoothly making others or the audience interested.

Confident, intellectual, patient and happy is what the online word game has made me. Thank you so much Wealth Words. How can I forget that I earn extra money with this side-hustle?

Register and start solving the clues of online crossword right now.

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