Expand Your Thinking Capacity with these Five Easy Ways

by Carol Lee
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You might have heard that as you get older, the brain becomes a type of fossilized machine.

The mind is then incapable of retaining new information and improves the way your mind functions.

But if you make your mind exercise, nothing is impossible.

Do you know that scientists believe that the average individuals use 10% of their minds?

There are very few who take out time to train our brains.

Most of you don’t learn new things and neither do you have an interest in learning.

The good news is, there are many activities that make your brain sharp and improves your thinking ability.

Your brain is a muscle that needs workout at different time intervals. If it does not get proper exercise, it may get stubborn and still saturated.

All you have to do is to dedicate a few minutes every day for brain training, type shows me free word games or good brain games in Google and reverses memory loss:

1) Perform mind exercise

When you exercise your brain to enhance your mind, new brain cells develop and this makes you stay physically active too.

If you stop using common sense and brain, it will start to stagnate.

Disciple your life. Remember different phone numbers and other numbers like credit cards, insurance, driving license and more.

Try mind games for elderly and feel the difference.

The more you will be adding to your brain, the more it will expand.

2) Be optimistic

Never go for face value. Make it a habit that you question everyday things on a regular basis.

Go for ‘what if question’? What if the wheel wasn’t invented? So, always stay curious.

Train your mind to become creative and develop ideas. Curiosity creates electricity.

Have you heard that neuroscientists have linked anxiety and stress is the reason the brain neurons get killed?

Positive thinking boosts the production of new cells and controls stress and diminishes anxiety.  

Make your mind empty. Start living in the present. Stay mindful and in the present.

3) Nourish your brain with mind games

How will you boost your brainpower if you don’t use it?

Believe it or not, there are many people who don’t use certain areas of the brain.

The mind is also like a muscle: you either use it or lose it.

Have you ever tried best puzzle games android 2020?

When you make it a habit of playing word puzzle free, you become a better person. 

Your cognitive ability, logical reasoning skills, concentration power, and brain retention power increased when you try online crossword puzzles games to download and play.

Overcoming challenges is important. That makes you ready for everything.

When you complete a challenging puzzle, you feel you’ve accomplished something.

And this feeling of accomplishment is amazing. You have to think a lot before filling the puzzle answer and this brainstorms the mind.

4) Read, Read, Read!

Reading relieves tension and gives an individual a thinking perspective.

Everything can fit into a book so you should make it a habit of reading every day.

Reading hells in training the mind and expanding the thinking ability.

Read good books that are not only fun but also expand your knowledge.

5) Sleep well

Your mind and body need rest. Sleep resets the brain button.

On sleeping, your body regenerates brain cells and completes the maintenance work of the mind and body.

You need a minimum of 6-8 hours of sleep on a regular basis so that you create new ideas everyday.

Meditation is very important in life.

You should close your eyes and ignore everything that is around you.

Imagine that you are far away from your home, in a peaceful place which is very beautiful.

Concentrate on your breathing and relax your body and mind both.

You have done your best for today and you are unsure what tomorrow will bring.

So, don’t take tension in something that you are unaware of. Instead, go for online money games.

Think that there are plenty of new opportunities waiting for you.

Stay positive. If the last thought in your mind before sleeping is you are thankful to God for what you have and you will welcome whatever comes your way.

You will always sleep in peace.

When you had a sound sleep, say to yourself that you will kick-start the day and will be super productive.

You will have a good mood and a smile on your face. You can even play games for rewards and have the best time.

Don’t think much about how to win real money by playing games.

Just start solving word puzzle games, sleep well, meditate, read books and enjoy our life!

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