Online Word Games to Play in Leisure Time

by Jean Palabrica
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In recent times, the increasing trend of online word games has enabled gamers to explore new opportunities to earn extra money. Many people participate in such games as they provide them with a great platform to showcase their creative mental ability and in return get some exciting prizes. When we think about online word games, the choices are endless. There are a number of options available from websites and apps. If one is getting bored and looking for the right resource to manage their time, then word games are a perfect choice. One can decide whether he or she would like to play free online games or paid ones since both are accessible.

In this article, we will shed some light on the different types of word games available to gamers. These games are quite engaging and challenging at the same time as they test the user’s creative thinking skills. Let’s start

Kinds of Online Word Games

Word games are admired by people of all ages since there are a plethora of games available and there is something for everyone. Some individuals prefer to play alone in order to test their lexicon skills; on the other hand, some like to play with their friends and family members as they love to challenge themselves and stay competitive. It does not matter whether one is playing as a single or multiplayer; what matters is the aspiration to play such games. So, next time, if we have some leisure time and want to utilize it in the best possible way, then straight away, jump to the word games. Here are some of them that can add value to our lives.


During COVID times, crossword games gained immense popularity. For some, they act as a stress-buster and for others, they are a source of entertainment and a resource to evaluate their mental ability. The basic rules of crossword puzzle games are quite easy where a player is required to fill the provided squares with correct words using clues. This clue can be a definition, meaning or some example highlighting how to use the word. The most iconic New York crossword puzzles are the most accepted and popular crosswords as the number of people engaging with them is increasing on a regular basis. Even the internet search for the above game witnessed great growth.

Word Search Puzzles

Word search puzzle is another engaging word game admired several gamers. These are quite similar to puzzle games where an individual is required to apply some logical thinking and come up with the solution. In this, people are generally provided a list of words and are asked to find them in a grid of letters. These games are quite entertaining and also educational. Many education experts make use of them in order to make students understand the concept of logical reasoning. The words on the list have a specific theme or share a common meaning.

Online Word Games to Play in Leisure Time


Out of all the winning word puzzle games, one must consider wordscapes. In this, one is required to create words with the available letters, as in crossword puzzles. The player just needs to swipe and connect the available letters that adjust into the crossword. One basic rule to remember is that there is a clear possibility that all the words we create might not be correct. They have to be placed into the crossword puzzle if we need to move to the next level. If one is getting bored and wants to do something meaningful, then go ahead and play this game. 

The puzzle sets available in wordscapes have breathtaking themes such as oceans, sunrise, and so on. Besides this, it has an amazing soundtrack that ensures a memorable experience for the gamer. This word game is available for both Android and iOS versions. So, give it a try.

Word Zen

Word Zen is a Chinese game. In fact, it is a mix of one of the popular Chinese games Mahjong. In this, a player is required to remove tiles in order to form a word. An individual is required to make three letter words or more while experiencing the soothing music. To move to the next level, it is necessary to complete the game within the stipulated time. It is considered among one of the best online word games available.


WordConnect has emerged as one of the first choices for true online word games. It is somewhat similar to wordscapes. The rules are the same. Gamers need to complete each puzzle by finding the hidden words. There are multiple levels and the difficulty level increases as we move onto the next level. It pushes the player with longer words and the number of letters increases to spell the words. The amount of entertainment in this game is next to any other sports adventure. Wordconnect comes with some extra benefits such as hints, bonus words, coins, daily challenges, and so on. If one is familiar with wordscapes then he or she can feel comfortable solving word puzzles in this game. It is truly a fun game to kill leisure time.

Wealth Wordle

Wealth Wordle is the primary choice of online word game professionals. This game has created a buzz among puzzle game lovers and social media enthusiasts since its inception. It has outclassed many other similar games because of its easy gameplay. The concept of this game is quite simple where an individual has to guess the hidden words in 6 attempts. It’s perfect for those who love to spend some quality time alone or have friends come over so everyone can play. The main reason for the success of this game is psychology. As per the experts, when users play a wealth wordle game, the body releases the substances named dopamine and this entices them to come and play it every day.

Besides this, the biggest advantage of this game is that it allows gamers to play from any corner of the world, whether one is traveling or relaxing on the couch. The success is the result of imperial game design; easy accessibility has given wings to its popularity.


Spending leisure time can be a daunting task in this day and age. We are so obsessed with technology that we cannot predict our lives staying away from them. However, to make the most out of it, what we can do is use it in the best possible way. Playing online word games can be a great and fun way to learn and earn at the same time. These games are a source of entertainment and help to enhance vocabulary skills as well as provide an opportunity to increase our bank balance. So, next time, you are not sure of what you should do when you are getting bored or want to do something productive. Just start playing word search games.

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