A Never Ending Love for Online Crossword Games

by Carol Lee
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Love comes in all shapes and sizes. You can love a person, an animal, an activity, a thing and almost anything else. My love story is a  bit different. I fell in love with a game and you will be awe-struck after hearing the story. I was never a hard-core gamer. While people were hooked on real money earning games, I had no idea about them. Yes, I loved games just as much as any other person but it never dominated my life. I loved to play some fun and entertaining puzzle games in my free time but mostly used magazines and newspapers to do so.

A Never Ending Love for Online Crossword Games

While they were fun at times, they could be just as boring too. There were no interesting surprises to catch me off-guard. This is when I was introduced to a gaming website by one of my gamer friends. He used to play a lot of real money games and wanted me to try them too. While at first, I was not so sure, I caved thinking some extra money is never a bad thing. And this is where my love story truly started.

I still remember the first online game I ever played, it was a complex and cryptic crossword puzzle. Initially, I was horribly unsuccessful. While I had some experience with simple and easy puzzles, these tough and complicated ones were highly out of my league. But the intriguing clues, captivating questions had me hooked. I understood that taking on the hardest crossword puzzle in my first try will not work.

So, I tried going for the easier ones. If you are wondering what happened next, yes, I won. While the money was not that huge, the feeling of satisfaction, accomplishment, and pride was an out of this world-experience. The scientists would say it was just the production of dopamine in my brain, I didn’t care less for I was in love. I fell in love with the game, the entire process of solving the puzzle, and the ultimate feeling that came with winning the game to earn real money.

I started playing new and more complicated crosswords with varied themes from all across the world. Not only was I using my free time to earn more money but also doing so in the most productive way. The games gave my brain the perfect exercise it needed. While I couldn’t see any immediate results in my memory or cognitive functions that puzzles can have, I could see its effect on my stress and anxiety levels. I was so much more relaxed, calm, and serene.

I started playing such puzzle games every day to win real money. While money was definitely an attractive factor, the games’ effect on my mental health was what impressed me the most. My daily game time was the perfect way to get rid of all the hassles of my daily life. It slowly became one of my favorite times of the day. While my life is no longer as stressful as it was before, I am still just as in love with the games.

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