Do You Know the Difference Between American and British Crosswords?

by Carol Lee
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Have you ever tried to play games online and earn real money? No?

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Many professionals are aware of the differences between the American Crossword and British Crossword.

Are you one of them who don’t know the difference?

Don’t worry, this article will make you understand how the two of them are different from one another.

The first-ever crossword was started by Arthur Wynne in 1913, a British person who was settled in America.

This is the main reason why both these countries claim a close connection with the development of the popular puzzle game.

With the evolution of technology, there are games you can play and win real money.

American crossword puzzles are published in America while British puzzles have taken over the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa, and more English speaking countries.

You will get a clearer idea with this:

American style crossword

In the American style grid, there are a few black squares and every letter is crossed over by another one.

The grid is “checked” thoroughly. This makes it possible to solve the complete American crossword by completing the down clues.

British style crossword

Have a close look at the pattern of the black and white squares. The puzzle has a symmetrical grid and there are no two-letter words allowed.

In the British-style grid mentioned above, there are plenty of black squares.

Roughly half of the letters in each word are crossed over by another word.

This is called keyed or checked in the puzzle industry. This grid is also termed as ‘alternate-letter-grid’ in general.

The grid design difference in crosswords

The grid design leads to a major difference between the types of crosswords.

American crossword grid design

The solid grid design of American puzzle is quite challenging for the crossword constructors.

They have to set in a way that every single letter in every single word crosses over another word. They have to resort to

  • Abbreviations
  • Popular names
  • Archaic vocabulary
  • Foreign words
  • Brand names
  • Section of words

And plenty of tricks to fill in the grid.

Solving American crossword is comparatively easier than British puzzles because whenever you are stuck in one word, you can try the crossover word for hints.

Cruciverbalist takes help of crossword solver online whenever they want to. 

British crossword grid design

The open grid structure of British crossword means that it is simpler for the crossword constructor to make the puzzle interesting by putting a wide range of words into the grid.

They are usually a bit difficult to solve as there are fewer clues for filling in the grid.

The ‘quick’ definition type of crossword puzzle and cryptic crossword falls under this type of grid design.

Tricky clues: Solve them with ease

As different grid designed have emerged in both the countries, so are the different conventions for writing clues:

American crossword clues

They have a wide variety of clues too. The crosswords also have a title and a theme.

The theme crosswords have few of the longest words in the puzzle and are symmetrically placed within the grid.

Most of the words will definitely relate to the theme of the grid.

The theme entries can be words, phrases, puns or different conundrums.

The puzzle title usually gives the clue of the crossword theme.

You will find standard definition clues or general knowledge clues like or anything the crossword constructor has made.

There can be the name of actors, authors, movie title, trivia, politicians or any random thing.

Abbreviations are also common in these word games to free online.

At times fragments of phrases, prefixes, suffixes, and foreign words are also used.

For example Four letter clue Lue-Length Time Width

  • Answer: AREA

Next, are filled in the blanks. Yes! A few constructors love placing fill in blank clues.

There is a wide variety in these types of clues as the crossword setter engages the solver into wordplay and puns indicated with a question mark.

British crossword clues

British crossword comprises of two varieties:

Quick crosswords

Quick puzzles have straight definition clues.

When you solve these types of free puzzle games, you’ll realize there are no tricks or wordplay involved.

The levels of difficulty are established by the use of vocabulary which is sometimes standards and sometimes obscure.

General knowledge, archaic words and words you use commonly are often included in the best online word puzzle games with no download.

Cryptic crosswords

The fiendish puzzles follow every British crossword rule.

Do you know what the tricky part is? Guess? Well, every clue is a mini-puzzle in itself.

You have to follow plenty of rules while playing free online word games for seniors as there are conventions about cryptic clues.

Every cryptic clue has a base clue and a wordplay. 

There are double definitions, anagrams, homonyms, charades, puns and a lot more.


  • Clue: Strange tricks involving hue perform to a crowd
  • Answer: Kutcheri

Now, what are you thinking about puzzle solve online?

What do you think which online crossword quiz game is better? American or British? 

Well, both of them are different in their own ways. So, it is best if you try both of them and have fun.

If you are looking for free online crossword puzzle games play now, try Wealth Words and have fun.

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