The Inside story of an online crossword winner who shares his thoughts!

by Carol Lee
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Only a few lucky people manage to win jackpots and prize money. But then again, no one is a born winner. It takes efforts to become a constant winner. Dreaming and visualizing is necessary but the execution is more important.

A young crossword lover had no idea that his passion for crossword one day will help him win the jackpot.

“James Ginsburg” is among the many next-gen online players who have won $3000 by solving an online crossword and submitting correct answers.

Wealth Words: Welcome to the magical world of word game that turns dreams into reality.

The fantastic online crossword puzzle game has helped many improve their finances. James feels it is the best way to relax and rejuvenate your mind.

The money-making crossword has the ability to transmute the mood within a few minutes. Whether he is waiting to board the flight at the airport, waiting for the doctor’s appointment, he keeps himself busy in playing the game.

Constant practice and dedication are all that he gives the credit to.

Puzzles give the ultimate ‘me time’. It is better than a shopping spree and browsing social media and whatnot.

Here is what I feel about this magical real money game:

It makes me happy

There is nothing better than finding a suitable word to fill in the grid. The brain produces dopamine, a neurotransmitter that helps you feel happy. It’s the same feeling as you enjoy eating chocolate.

But this crossword addiction is healthier of course.

Goodbye stress

While some puzzles are quite challenging, but they are also rewarding that boosts my self-confidence. It keeps me away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It is indeed worth a short. The best part is that it has the option of free crosswords.

Better at problem-solving

My mental ability encourages me to look for better words every time I play. I keep thinking of different ways to solve the daily puzzle game.

The variety in the approaches, change of perspective and trial process has helped me improve the problem-solving skill that also helps in my work life.

Constructed with love

While I initially solved puzzles on my own, now I take the help of my friends and family members as well. Working as a team has helped me improve my thinking and collaboration skills.

When you solve the word puzzle together, it strengthens your relationship with the person. This is because you are working together to achieve a goal and complete the brainteaser.

The best thing ever!

Even the biggest puzzle fanatic would find it difficult to argue that solving crossword is better than anything else or not. After getting that ‘aha’ moment when the clue is solved, and we get the answer, a flood of dopamine is released at that particular point.

Completed the whole puzzle? What is the feeling?

On top of the world, right?

Have any idea what happens to our brain when we solve a clue?

A team at the Goldsmiths University of London has done the MRI brain scan to study how the brain reacts when solving a clue.

The feeling is defined as the ‘transition moment’ from being clueless about the solution to suddenly ‘cracking it.’ The nucleus accumbens ‘lit up’ with increased activation when the clue is solved.

Doing puzzles also supports the growth of new nerve cells and improves the IQ

Wealth Words is there to protect and feed your brain.

I keep my brain sharp, happy and healthy with this real money making game.

Crosswords. Aah, I genuinely feel, I can never get enough of it.

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