How to Play Crossword Puzzles and Win Money?

by Carol Lee
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Crossword puzzles word puzzles and more are well-known brain games. They are the finest ways of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Whether you are waiting for your flight at the airport or attending a boring social event, play crossword puzzle games, and transmute your mood in just a few seconds.

While you focus on solving the word puzzles right, its twists and twirls release all your stress.

The word puzzle for adults certainly is the best way to enhance your IQ and keeps your mind active.

One gets engaged in the way it stimulates the brain cells. It serves as a great way of escaping from the daily chaos of life while bursting stress considerably.

But do you have any idea that before achieving this milestone this word puzzle game was hugely criticized?

Yeah, that’s true. During the 1920s people were so busy filling the black and white boxes that they lost their jobs.

It is also said that many marriages were destroyed because men were indulged in solving crosswords! Then how, this game became so popular? Let’s have look.

History of Crossword Puzzles:

The first known find words puzzle invented by Arthur Wynne appeared in the comics section of the New York World.

Devotees of word search games will be delighted to know that Arthur Wynne left farming and migrated to the United States to follow his passion for journalism.

After becoming an editor in New York World, he filled a blank space in the newspaper with a creative crossword puzzle.

No one knew that the game initially known as word cross is going to be added to the list of best mind games in the future. Though the evolution of crosswords happened years back the craze is still alive!

crossword puzzles

Published in The New York World on December 21, 1913 Source: Google

Types of Crossword Puzzles:

  • American-style grid
  • British/South African-style grid
  • Japanese-style grid
  • Swedish-style grid
  • Bared Grid
  • Free Form Crosswords
  • Cryptic Crosswords
  • Meta Puzzles
  • Quantum Puzzles

Now you had enough of the knowledge. How about solving one right now?

Want to try this game on crossword yourself? No worries, if you are a newcomer. We are here to keep this sorted for you.
Presenting an introduction to the game of crosswords.

Introduction: Crossword Puzzles

People born and brought up in English-speaking countries are quite familiar with the basic rules and techniques for solving crosswords puzzles.

The question here is why? And the answer is quite simple. Because the game of word search is common in these places!

So, if you know nothing about this game, we are here to guide you from the tip to toe.

How to Play Crossword Puzzles?

Basics & Fundamentals tricks for solving crossword puzzles:

Perhaps you have seen people playing universal crossword puzzle but haven’t tried yourself.

It’s like any other game. Simple rules to follow and you’ll take back plenty of knowledge.

A daily trivia questions for crossword consists of three items:
1. A list of across clues
2. A list of down clues
3. A grid

Grid Layout

The crossword game basically contains only white and black squares.

In the grid layout, few squares are numbered in a special manner.

While solving the daily crossword puzzle you need to fill the empty white squares with letters that fit in the appropriate manner to make the answers right.


Unlike any other game, it has clues for word search game that will help you to guess the answers pointing out to a place in the grid where its answer resides. Now, there are two kinds of clues:


  • These clues have answers consisting of words whose letters can be placed horizontally, from left to right direction.
  • Each clue has a unique number. Thus, the answer should be written in the square with the same number as that of the clue.


  • These clues have answers consisting of words whose letters can be placed vertically, from top to bottom direction.
  • Each clue is assigned a unique Thus, the answer should be written in the square with


Now, this is how the game works.

New York Times Crossword by David J Kahn edited by Will Shortz Tuesday December 24 2013

While you are solving the crossword puzzles guessing the across and down clues, some letters meet making a complete word.

Tips to solve or play crosswords – Filling in the Grid

Tip 1: Select the Clue.

Tip 2: Think for every possible answer to the clue.

Tips 3: Select the most appropriate answer among the possible ones.’

Tip 4: Fill in the grid with the correct answer.

Place the letters following the down clues and across clues and keep on filling the white squares. Once you fill in all the white squares in the grid. The game is over.

Play a game right now & check what you have learned.

That’s all that you need to solve this game.

How to solve the American or New York Times Crossword Puzzle?

newspaper crossword puzzles

Source: Google

Solving American or New York Times Crossword Puzzle Game is extremely fun.

It’s like doing mental yoga, where your mind is working faster than it works in any normal situation.

If you love to learn new words and want to enhance your analytical skills then, dive into the world of words.

Play easy crosswords, it’s actually fun. Master few strategies and appreciate the word power and get solving like a pro!

“The nice thing about doing crossword is, you know there is a Solution.”
Stephen Sondheim

Have you ever picked up a word search crossword puzzle game and tried to solve that? Did you get all the answers correct?

Well, many of us might have failed in solving the word puzzles, so what?

A word game for adults puzzle is not a test of your intelligence level. You may not have a good vocabulary as well, but what requires solving the puzzles correctly is, understanding the clues.

And trust me, it’s as easy as reading your favorite book. You can absolutely learn the rules that most clues follow.

Let’s begin with some simple tips that you must follow to become a pro at solving American or New York Time or Wealth Words  Crossword Puzzle:



Source: Google

Mondays are usually considered the most boring days of the week. But not anymore! Grab The New York Times Monday Crosswords and start puzzling.

The Monday Crosswords are easy and as you proceed the challenge gets harder.

So, to get yourself ready for the upcoming Tuesday puzzles practice and solve as many cross word puzzles as you solve on Mondays!

Now taking this further, if you have solved the Monday Puzzles and want to test your capability, solve our crosswords puzzle games.

So, if you are tired of solving it on paper, your mobile can be your best companion. How hard could it be?


practice puzzle games

Source: Google

It’s well said by Malcolm Gladwell that “Practise isn’t the thing you do once you’re good. It’s the thing you do that makes you good.”

Our human mind has two separate hemispheres or lobes called right and left-brain. Both the hemispheres and lobes have different functions.

Our Right brain is creative, intuitive and emotional while the Left-brain thinks logically.

While we solve crossword puzzles games free, we harness both the brain powers.

Now, when we practice word search puzzles on a daily basis our brain cells get activated which in turn increases the efficiency of our brain.

Practicing one puzzle daily can help you learn some of the shorter answers and how they are clued. So, next time you see something similar you might say, “I know the answer!”

Do more free crossword search puzzles and enhance your IQ. The more you’ll solve, the better you’ll get in this game of words.


okay Source: Google

We are always at the learning stage and nobody is perfect. So, it’s OK to look up for the answers when solving the crossword.

Free word search games are a great way of learning new words or phrases. You can’t always find the answer and when you look up you definitely learn and will remember the next time you solve a new one.

Don’t make this game a strict and boring one. You play crossword online and find out for yourself. It’s actually an interesting and entertaining one.


Relax, refresh and recharge in office

Source: Google

 We are Humans. And it’s our brain who is consistently juggling to get all the answers. But even brains get tired.

There can be a point where you realize that you need to relax for a while. Then why to hesitate? Go for a cup of coffee, or have your favorite snacks.

I know while on break, some of you still be wondering about the clues and will try to find the answers.

But take your time, let the brain energizes with the food you intake and then come back with a bang! Not agree with what I say? Then, listen to this gentleman:

“People who work for Crossword puzzles know that if they stop making progress, they should put the puzzle down for a while.”
Marilyn Vos Savant


choose buddy

Source: Google

 Solving easy crossword puzzle games with your friend can be the best activity. Your BFF might laugh at you initially, but trust me it can be a memorable moment.

It can be the best way to spend your time together.

Well, these tips are highly beneficial for you to become a good crossword solver.

Now, how about a game where you can win money with this talent? Surprised?

But why? If you can solve “The New York Times Crossword” puzzle, then why not test your brain and win money. Wondering how’s that possible? Let’s begin!

Introducing Wealth Words – How to Win Big Money Online?


How about playing a game that lets you win big money online word puzzle game? Wealth Words is a blend of knowledge and money.

This crossword puzzle game is all you need to know if you are an avid crossword player. I guess the name says it all.

Still thinking, how to win cash online with crosswords?

Yes, it’s a game of words that lets you win real money. So, you see, you can play cash prize puzzles at Wealth Words.

These impeccably crafted Wealth Words crossword puzzles are similar to newspaper puzzles and games.

And, take my words when I say playing crosswords puzzle has never been this easy.

Yes, with Wealth Words, not only playing crosswords but, earning real money through it is as simple as ABC.

Don’t believe me? Well, try for yourself and all your apprehensions shall take a back seat as soon as you register at its website.

Yes, once registered at Wealth Words, all you need to do is buy yourself few tokens worth $2 each for playing this game of words.

So, don’t you think Wealth Words can be an amazing way of playing crosswords and earn real money out of it?

It certainly can be. And, with all those huge cash prizes to be won at Wealth Words, these best online crossword puzzles just gets bigger and better every single day.

Yes, the cash prizes here are literally huge and can be won in the form of division 1 and division 2.

While the division 1 cash prize goes to the player with all the 20 puzzles correct, the division 2 cash prizes are for the player with the second-highest correct answers.

In fact, Wealth Words also has a plethora of other short and active games where word games ranging between 2 to 20 words can let you win cash prizes as huge as $80 to $3000 and even beyond. Isn’t that downright amazing?

Further, Wealth Words also has an open game where you can try your hands at playing online premium crossword puzzles without having to register or buy tokens.

Now, that’s a really enticing way of bringing new players on-board, right? Wondering of winning instant money now?

Wealth Words doesn’t require you to have high-end skills or knowledge.

In fact, anyone and everyone can win big money online instantly at Wealth Words. It absolutely has no rocket science involved in it.

Just a little precision and focus is all you need to grasp the clues and cues given while submitting your answers in an active time frame of an hour.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and explore a whole new world of words and win cash prizes with Wealth Words.

Get ready to play special event crossword games and bring out the puzzler within you. Enjoy and laugh all the way to bank while unleashing your inner wordsmith.

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