How I Got Rid of Stage Fear with the Free Crossword Puzzle Game?

by Carol Lee
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As a child, I never had stage fear. I remember once when I was 11 years old, I had participated in a storytelling competition.

I was confidently telling a story and everyone was listening to me patiently.

Suddenly my story was interrupted by a boy in my class who said look at his nose, isn’t it too big?

After this, I lost my focus and forgot the complete script. From there onward, I started having fear of public speaking.

When I turned into a teen, I always wanted to overcome my stage fear and luckily I did. I can now speak anywhere unprepared.

Although the nervousness still haunts me sometimes I’m able to control it. It was not easy at all but I took help from a word puzzle game and reading novels aloud.

Wealth Words is the name of the best free crossword puzzle game that helped me overcome my stage fear.

The best free word games for pc that were exclusively available on this platform for free are unique.

You have to read the clues, understand them and then fill in the respective answers. This is what you do to complete any crossword right, then what makes this specific game unique? Well, you earn money from home whenever you win a game.

Yes, money rewards for every game that is won. This unique concept has makes this free online daily crossword popular.

Because I have learned plenty of words from these puzzles, I know how to speak and what to speak where. And all this makes me a confident individual and helps in overcoming the fear of the stage.

I would like to share how I manage to get rid of stage fear and how you can also take tips from the same:

a) Admit nervousness

Admit that everyone feels nervous while speaking on stage. So, this is common. This nervousness calms down if you interact with your audience a lot.

More importantly, you will feel relaxed instead. The best way is to crack jokes, mostly on yourself.

b) Redefine the audience

This means changing how you perceive your audience. Instead of seeing your teachers as your evaluators, conceive them as friends who support you.

Feel that you know everything and the people in front of you are eager to hear you say. This way, your audience will experience a well-spoken presentation.

c) Interact one-on-one

One of the most terrifying things, while you are speaking on the stage, is the audience.

The crowd is silent just to hear you speak, this sends shivers down your spine. In order to overcome this, interact with a one-on-one person from the audience.

Ask them their experiences about the subject or their opinion. Allow the audience to ask you questions and answer all of them patiently.

d) Be expressive

The clues of the free online crossword game teach me how the crossword constructors uniquely draft the clues. From this, I became more expressive.

While speaking, you should try giving quotes from famous personalities and name them. Express your opinion about different things and what you feel. In short, be opinionated.

This will definitely make your presentation different from the rest and you will yourself see the interesting look on the faces of people.

e) Have fun

Being on stage should not be a serious affair. Make sure you have fun with the crowd.

Try different ways to give the best presentation to the audience.

Go ahead and experiment with the funny approach. Walk on the stage and don’t be static.

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