Exercise Your Brain and Make Money with Crossword

by Max Fragar
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The human brain is undoubtedly the most important organ of our body. It plays a vital role in our day to day life.

  • Our brain controls the way we act and react to certain situations.
  • Brain allows us to think and feel various things happening in our surroundings.
  • Most importantly, it enables us to make memories and feelings – all things that make us a real human being.

But what extra efforts you do to make your brain healthy and sharp?

Each one of you is so busy in your lives that you hardly get time to indulge yourselves in memory boosting activities. Studies suggest that as you grow old, your brain witness neurological damage due to aging.

There will be no visible signs of memory loss and slowly it will become difficult for you to perform mental tasks.

Can brain training make you smarter?

can brain training makes you smarter

Before I reveal you the ways to train your brain, let me tell you that exercising your brain is really helpful and it doesn’t require any extra hours of your daily routine.

Any real-world activity can train your brain. For e.g., while driving back from the office to your home, try different routes. Choose a bunch of songs from your playlist, your favorite ones and try memorizing the lyrics. Such simple tasks can help your brain to perform in a better way.

But, the question that may come in your mind is how do word searches help your brain grow and make your smarter? Yes, the more senses you involve in solving the word searches, the better your brain will perform!

How to train your brain without emptying your wallet?

train your brain

A healthy diet and exercise can do wonders to your brain. The best thing to start with your brain workout is – Newspaper!

You read the newspaper daily. But how many of you learn new words that are being used in a certain article?

Newspapers can be a great source of learning. You can enhance your vocabulary by learning new words. You can play crosswords, sudoku, word search puzzles and many other brain-challenging games that are being published on a regular or weekly basis. Also, there are many websites that allow you to make a crossword puzzle online. These types of activities let you explore your brain more pro-actively.

Using brain crossword puzzle to exercise your brain

exercise your brain with crossword

Crossword puzzles are a great brain workout. When you solve any puzzle from start to finish, you learn so many things. It’s a great way to enjoy the “Me-Time”.

When you solve a crossword puzzle, your brain acts like a detective. You are so curious to find the answer that your brain functioning enhances and it works faster than before. You recall the words and information which in result challenges your brain.

It’s a great method to enhance your knowledge. Let’s suppose you solve trivia and crossword puzzles related to geography. Constantly solving the same kind of puzzles will make you a pro in that particular subject.

Also, solving puzzles from the same source helps to memorize the important words that a puzzle editor often uses in his crosswords.

Some of the common benefits of playing crossword puzzle:

1. It triggers mental skills:

While finding answers for online crosswords through various cues and clues, the brainstorming results in triggering your mental skills and sharpens your thinking process. This way you can find the brain crossword puzzle answers easily and correctly.

2. It enhances vocabulary:

It’s a game of words and you get to explore and find new words every day. So, wouldn’t it improve your vocabulary and take your communicative skills a level up?

3. It gives trivia knowledge:

The Best Online Crosswords give you knowledge related to various subjects like TV shows, books, music, sports etc.

Following are the best ways to enhance your mental strength with crosswords:

  • Focus:

While you start solving any crossword puzzle, the best way is to search an environment where you are comfortable. In short, choose the place that best suits you to boost your concentration. Some of you might like to play a soft music in the background and solve puzzles while some might require silence.

  • Take out time:

Playing crosswords are really enjoyable. So, whenever possible take out at least one hour to exercise word search. This way you can solve the entire puzzle without any interruptions.

  • Make your own crosswordese list:

“Crosswordese” is  a group of words (usually short) frequently used by crossword constructors. Such words that starts and/or end with vowels and generally used by us in our daily conversations.

Make a list of your own crosswordese, add new words to the list frequently and memorize it on a daily basis. It will help you to solve the puzzles quickly.

  • Take help:

While you are stuck in the middle of a puzzle, don’t hesitate to take help from an online source or any trusted media. So, instead of quitting and wasting time unnecessary on one single clue, look up for help and learn.

8 Best Exercises that will keep your brain Sharp and Healthy

make your brain healthy and sharp - wealth words

1. Recall the things:

What happens when you plan to go for a grocery shopping? You make a list of things you want to buy. This is something very normal. But, let’s start fresh. Make a list and remember the things. An hour later, recall the items and checkout the list to cross-verify how many you skipped. This simple exercise will keep your brain activated. This way you involve your brain in a great mental stimulation.

2. Calculate in your Head:

Try to solve the mathematical problems without the use of pen and paper. In no time your brain will start solving the difficult calculations. To make it more difficult, try to calculate while walking. Indulging your brain in two different activities at the same time will enhance its functioning.

Let’s suppose you are in a mall and you want to purchase a shirt worth $4999, a pair of socks worth $50 and a cap $999.

The offer is : You will get 25% off on purchase of $5000 and above.

So, do the calculations in your head and try to find the answer quickly.

3. Learn a New Language:

To avoid the reduced risk for cognitive decline, the best way is to learn a new language.

Learning new words, new language and pronouncing a particular word are the best ways to involve different parts of the brain. This, in turn, results in a sharp and healthy brain.

4. Play a Musical Instrument:

If you love music then learn to play an instrument of your choice. Scientists suggest that learning any new or complex thing for a longer period of time boosts memory.

5. The Power of Cooking:

If you love to eat, then you must try Cooking. Well, this is one of the skills which will help you in becoming smarter than others. Wondering how? Let me explain the logic.

While you cook any cuisine it requires all your senses – smell, sound, sight, and taste. So, this way all your senses tend to utilize your brain power and thus it’s a great workout for your brain. Try new recipes and use different ingredients. Identify different smells and flavors and try to recognize everything in one go.

6. Memorize Phone Numbers:

Many of you might only remember one or two contacts of your close ones. What about others? Instead of simply saving their contacts try to memorize the numbers. This is the best exercise and gradually every number will be on your tips.

7. Say Yes to Sports:

It’s a well-known fact that sports play a vital role in keeping both our mind and body healthy. Indulge in any athletic exercise and witness the results yourself. You’ll experience that activities like Yoga, Tennis, Football etc. activate the muscles of your brain and body both at the same time.

8. Solving the Puzzles:

Puzzles are a great way to strengthen your mind. There are a variety of puzzles such as word search puzzles, picture puzzles, arithmetic puzzles, crossword puzzles, cryptic crossword puzzles, jumble word puzzles and many more.

Take any particular category of game and start solving. While you solve puzzles neurons in your brain gets activated. You can initially start with picture puzzles since picture puzzle crossword answers are comparatively easier and it will keep you engaged and motivated.

Try a chance on crossword and make it a habit. You’ll find that your IQ level has gradually increased. You will be able to solve any tough calculations in less time.

How Your Brain Can Help You Make Money?

For many people across the globe making money online sounds like a dream come true. People generally associate earning money through offline modes.

But thanks to the technology, the mindset has completely changed. With the internet taking over the large parts of our lives, we can easily tackle our financial inflows.

While finding the ways to earn real money the most important thing is to be careful about the platform we opt.

If you hit on Google and search the term – “How to make money online” you’ll see there are ‘n’ number of ways to do so. But how many of them are actually feasible?

Analyzing the current scenario, there are lots of people who are earning money online through various websites, online courses and leading their lives in their own way.

How to Make Money with Crosswords?

how to make money with crosswords

Word search puzzles popularly known as crossword puzzles are often considered games just for geeks and nerds. Though, being a geek or a nerd is a matter of pride, because I am the one! But, word search puzzles ain’t something to be played just by the highly intellectual ones. Dive in the impeccable world of word search puzzles and discover the crossword aficionado within you.

In fact, the modern day word search puzzles have emerged as a blend of contemporary and old-school style with online crossword puzzles.

Now for you all, it would a shocking revelation if I tell you that you can make money by solving puzzles!

If you haven’t started the journey yet let me introduce you to modern money crosswordWealth Words.

Playing Crosswords on Wealth Words and Earn Real Money Online

Wealth Words is the best online crossword game of recent times!

The best thing about this game is – You can win money with Crosswords.

Yes, that’s true! The website has a variety of crossword puzzles which challenge your brain at different levels. You can play:

1. Free Games: To play the games in this category, you need to register yourself at the website.

The registration process is simple and by submitting just a few details you’ll be able to play any game of your choice. Each game has its own prize pool. You can solve puzzles and earn money just with simple games.

What is Prize Pool?

Prize Pool – It’s the winning amount that will be divided amongst the winners.

This category is extremely popular and players can win a huge amount of money without investing.

2. Open Games: This category allows you to play any game without Sign Up. To explore the game structure and experience the puzzling session you can start with this one.

3. Paid Games: This is the most played category and has a huge amount of user base. To play this one, user needs to purchase certain amount of tokens.

What is a Token?

As you purchase the ticket to watch any movie in theatres, the same way you purchase tokens to play paid games.

The benefit of Playing Paid Games:

The paid games let players win the huge amount of money. It has 10-Word Puzzle Game, 22 Word Puzzle Game and so on. Choose any game of your choice and start puzzling! This way it is easy for a player getting paid crossword to enhance his skills.

Super Word Puzzle:

Now this category is something that will enhance your bank balance overnight. To play the games in this category, you must initially try the above ones and get pro at playing crosswords. You can win the money with word search answers when you become pro in the above categories.

Poems and Stories:

Remember reading comprehension and solving the questions? This category is somewhat like that. All you need to do is read the poem and story and then fill the gaps with the most appropriate answer.

Available in three different languages:

  • Hindi
  • English
  • Chinese

Users from all across the globe can play this category without any language barrier.

Among all the above-mentioned categories you can play any game of your choice and earn money by solving puzzles. Each game has a particular time limit. You need to complete the game before the time expires. Also, each game has certain clues, which you need to understand and then fill the grids with the best possible answer.

So, you see how a simple crossword puzzle game has a plethora of benefits.

And, on the top of it, it is easy in making money with crossword puzzles.

If you solve the Wealth Words puzzles correctly you can win as much as you want.

The prizes come in the form of Division 1 and Division 2.

Division 1 prizes are given to players for solving all the 20 puzzles correctly and; Division 2 are for the ones who do not get the 20 puzzles correct but come up with the highest number of correct answers.

So, everyone gets a chance to win money by giving correct vocabulary crossword answers. All you need to do is understand the clues and play smartly in an active time frame of one hour.

Want to explore the puzzles on your own? Wouldn’t it be great if you exercise through brain crossword puzzles and see your bank account balance increasing?

Indeed it is!

Wealth Words instantly credits your winnings in your PayPal account.

Witness your growing bank balance and fulfill your never-ending desires.

Still on the fence? Don’t be! Just register, purchase tokens worth $2 each and start availing the benefits derived from wealth crossword. I bet you will absolutely love it!

Don’t forget to share your puzzling experiences in the comment section below.

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