Develop Your Mental Aptitude with a Cryptic Crossword

by Max Fragar
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Have you ever tried your hands on Cryptic Crosswords? Maybe this is the first time you have heard about this term. Cryptic Crossword is a special kind of crossword puzzles which basically focuses on your mental aptitude.


There is a bunch of websites where you can play Crosswords puzzles whenever you feel like gaining some experience. But do you know you can make money playing games like Cryptic Crosswords? Yes, you can.

Playing crosswords is not only the means of exercise for your brain but also it gives you motivation when you start earning a good amount of money.

What are Cryptic Crosswords?

You might often find these Cryptic Crosswords on Sunday editions of your newspaper. But do you have a clear idea of what actually is a ‘Cryptic Crossword’ and what is its existence on digital platforms? We have noticed that youth nowadays spends a lot of time on the Internet. With the help of cryptic crossword,

you can boost your mental level and can earn real money. It is certainly a win-win situation, isn’t it?

How to get the most out of cryptic crosswords?

It is really necessary to know how to get the best out of something you are doing and in this particular case of being able to achieve most gains in terms of mental aptitude and critical reasoning and effectiveness. As you can make money with crosswords, there is no such thing as lack of motivation, so all you have to do is to understand how to solve them.

Firstly you should understand that you have to start the deduction work from the beginning once you get the mastery in the deduction process, you can now proceed for the sorting procedure and word formation as you have to make the words that are relevant to the deducted clues and have the same length as of the spaces provided for filling them.

Understand the theme

Understanding the theme of the crossword is very important as it gives you an extra edge when you solve the puzzle. When you play free word puzzle games, the theme plays a very significant role but you should know how to understand the theme of the crossword before putting your brains into it. Once you capture the essence of the crossword that is in front of you, the whole task of finding clues become very easy as you can now focus on a particular field.


Like every other exercise, being regular and dedicating your time towards solving the crosswords is very important. Because this increases your mental aptitude on a constant level, solving free crossword puzzles on a regular basis, also keeps your brain active and sharp. When you start spending your time solving these regularly, you will notice you are enhancing your analytical skills!

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