Crosswords Facts You Didn’t Know

by Carol Lee
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The aura of the crossword puzzle is something that makes even a highly stressed person happy.

If you have ever played crossword games, you would understand what I mean.

The way words start framing from within the cues and clues, the way the brain activates while trying to find correct answers. Isn’t it all magical?

Such a great stress buster it is! And, with the unprecedented growth of technology, you can even play crossword puzzles online.

Be it your office, home, or literally any place on earth, online crossword puzzles games totally lets you unwind yourself from the chaos around while unleashing your inner wordsmith.

So, if you call yourself a word search game aficionado and are passionate about words, wouldn’t it be great if you get to know a little more about crosswords?

Did you know the fascinating world of crosswords has a plethora of interesting facts in its realms? Let’s get you updated.

a) The origin of crossword dates back to some 80 years

evolution of crossword

Yes. It’s that old. Created by the journalist Liverpudlian Arthur Wynne, the word cross game was first published in the Sunday edition of the New York World on 1st December 1913.

b) Symmetrical grids

crossword puzzles

Do you know how much skill goes into designing a crossword puzzle games?

In Britain and North America, rotational symmetry of 180° is incorporated while designing a universal crossword puzzle.

This is the reason the pattern remains the same irrespective of it turning up and down.

c) Cruciverbalism

Does this word sound alien? But, it’s not! That’s what the whole procedure of creating a crossword clue search word puzzle is called. Interesting, isn’t it?

d) Served as recruitment criteria

Well, solving word game puzzles wasn’t just another passion during World War II.

It meant serious business back then and was used as a recruitment test to find the best of cryptic code breakers.

I hope you found these facts interesting.

So, you see how a simple crossword puzzle game has such a rich history attached to it.

In fact, I think playing crosswords have only gotten bigger and better with time.

The emergence of online crossword puzzles like Wealth Words is a perfect example of this.

A perfect blend of old school and contemporary word search puzzle with added benefits of cash prizes.

Didn’t I tell you it’s just getting bigger and better?

So, while playing free daily online crossword puzzles with Wealth Words, you can win real money cross word puzzle on getting the puzzles right.

Does this excite you? It obviously does. After all, a dose of cash prizes is always good.

With cash prizes in the form of division 1, division 2, and super word puzzles, your chances of winning are high.

While division 1 has cash prizes for those who get all the 20 puzzles correct, division 2 cash prizes are for the next highest correct answers.

And, the super word puzzle game has super cash prizes for those who answer all the 25-word puzzles correctly.

Want to know more about these free crossword puzzles online games?

Register at its website and get puzzling once you purchase tokens worth $2 each.

Within an active time frame of one hour, you can get paid to play games as much as you want and win lots and lots of real money.

I bet you will instantly fall in love with Wealth Words, just the way I did!

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