Create a Crossword Puzzle and Win Cash Prize of $20!

by Carol Lee
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Hey Everyone, Wealth Words is back with a bang! Wondering what’s new in the list? Well, we are here to announce our newly launched Facebook Contest. Haven’t liked us on Facebook? It’s high time you do it now.

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To participate in this Facebook Contest, you need to create a 12-Word Crossword Puzzle. This time it’s not about solving the puzzles but creating a brand new crossword to tease the brains of crossword enthusiasts.

And the icing on the cake is its Prize Money!

Our team will select the best crossword amongst all the entries. We will publish the winning crossword on our official website along with the constructor’s name and he will win the prize money of $20!

Rules of this Facebook Contest

Technical specifications

Grid pattern: 12-Word Crossword

Prize Money

There will be one winner who will win $20. Isn’t that amazing? We will contact the winner through an email and will credit prize money to his account.

What Type of Crossword Puzzle is Required?

Try to construct crosswords with fresh and interesting clues. Prefer to follow a certain theme. Eg: Sports, movies, books etc. You can also submit themeless crosswords but they should have interesting words and wide open pattern.
If there is a pun in the puzzle then all the puns should be of the same type.

How to send submissions?

You should email your 12-word crossword having a grid, the clues, and answers at One entry per person is acceptable. Avoid mechanical reproductions or automated entries.

Try to send your entries on time. We are not responsible for any lost, misdirect or ineligible entries. No entries will be returned.


The crossword should never have been published anywhere before in any form. Wealth Words will have all rights on it once submitted.


Type the clues double spaced on the side, write the answer in the corresponding column in the right side. Write your name, postal address and email address on grid pages.

Here is an example of the same:

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Excited? What are you waiting? Give your best shot, come out with a well-crafted puzzle and win prize money!

Don’t miss to share this with your Crossword Pals. You can see Facebook Contest here.

Good Luck!

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