Cheers to the One Year Celebrations of Wealth Words

by Max Fragar
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“Do not wait until the conditions are perfect to begin. Beginning makes the conditions perfect.” – Alan Cohen

It’s time to get real happy!! Wealth Words is one year old today!!

Many thanks to our crossword app enthusiast participants, colleagues, family, and friends.

We’re celebrating the completion of Wealth Words’ first year.

We’ve built a lot of great relationships already, and we’re looking forward to growing them even further very soon and long term.


Played all around the world by thousands of people, Wealth Words puzzles has the best collection of number crossword puzzles online in the category of “crossword puzzles online.”

Wealth Words has been in the field of easy online crossword puzzles for adults since 2017 and has completely transformed the way free internet word games are played.

It’s already being applauded for revamping the old school crossword puzzle and giving it an intriguing touch with all the cash prizes it is offering.

We are working on ways to make puzzles online experience more rewarding for our crossworders. We have taken the first steps, and we just need your support and love for the coming years as well.

The Wealth Words team works hard to steadily innovate and build excellent crossword puzzle games play to attract a wide audience and keep the games interesting.

From the seasoned Wealth Words fans to those new to the game, participants will find fresh and new challenges in the free online crossword puzzles hard.

Going down memory lane, we recall the very first-time Wealth Words went live in Melbourne on this date last year.

Officially, the first free crossword puzzles for seniors was played on Wealth Words was on 20th April 2017. It was an 18-word puzzle that 17 people played with a prize pool of $100 with 2 Div2 winners each winning $20.

It went Live at 21:23:29 Melbourne time and ran for 24 hours. It was a dream come true when the first puzzle went live. Today is the day when the 1st candle on the cake will be blown!!

To mark the first anniversary and to reward our loyal fans, Wealth Words is launching some exciting in-game updates and giving players the most powerful booster. They can play FREE word games today and win cash prizes!!

With hearts full of happiness, we thank our team and all the Wealthworders who have been with us on this journey till now.

This has certainly been one of OUR most rewarding experiences, and we are PUMPED to kick off year two and focus on growth, improvements, and world domination.

From the positive vibes we have received this year, we are sure to have even more in the coming years.

Thank you for helping us make Wealth Words such a success!

Join Wealth Words in the celebrations on Social Media using #Loveforcrosswords

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