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With online crossword puzzles around, the killing time has become oh-so-easy and fun, of course.

In fact, it’s the best past time for people looking to relax and rejuvenate while inducing themselves with a lot of knowledge; trivia knowledge to be precise.

We will be overviewing free crossword puzzles and various interesting crossword puzzles facts.

Free Daily Crossword Puzzle Overview


So, ready to solve some crossword puzzles clues? Daily solving Crossword for beginners will test your knowledge and give you a mental workout!

Solving free online crossword puzzles means each day a new crossword is available with fun clues. Solving crossword is easy. 

All you have to do is to read the crossword clues and answers into the crossword grid.

Start with the crossword clues that you know, and then use letters accordingly to fill in the rest.

Interesting Crossword Puzzle Facts

– The first crossword puzzle was created by Arthur Wynne and was published in The New York World in December of 1913.
– The largest crossword ever created had a whopping 28,000 clues and 91,000 squares.
– Word puzzles have ancient roots – a square word puzzle was found in the ruins of Pompeii.
– National Crossword Puzzle Day is held on Dec. 21 every year.
– In Japan, the corner squares of a crossword puzzle must be white.

Hence, If crosswords are something you want to kill time with, you should look nowhere other than Wealth Words.

Real Money with Crossword Puzzle

real money earning games

You can play these money-making games in your web browser or tablet.
Wealth Words is one of the largest suppliers of crossword puzzles on the web, offering a new puzzle each day with real money.

This is one of the best online puzzle games that has paved new avenues of best puzzling in the world of words by revamping the old school crossword puzzle into an online cash game.

Yes, at Wealth Words you can play games for cash and laugh all the way to the bank instantly.

It’s as simple as that. So, just grab your smartphone or any other digital device with a strong internet/wifi connection and register at its website now.

Further, you would need to buy a few tokens worth $2 each to play and win cash here.

However, it’s a very meager amount in front of the huge cash prizes you get to win here so, take it as a small investment and look forward to making your heart and pocket both warm simultaneously.

Well, that’s the magic of Wealth Words, my friend. Play it once and you won’t stop swooning over this online cash game.

Want to know more about it? Is the crossword aficionado within your craving to come out, play, and win cash with Wealth Words – PayPal money game

Well, you have already registered at its website, haven’t you? So, just go and dive into intricately carved online addicting games and unleash your love for words like never before.

While there is no specific trick or rule to win big here, it does have some guidelines, and following it can definitely help you acquire all those cash prizes effortlessly.

Here’s a quick look at these guidelines:

  • Each puzzle at Wealth Words comes with a particular set of clues and cues which you need to grasp with concentration and focus to decipher the puzzles right.
  • Once you crack the puzzle, make sure you submit it an active time frame of an hour to be in its ultimate race of winning.
  • The results are announced and cash prizes are awarded after an hour of the puzzle being concluded.

Aren’t these guidelines pretty simple? Well, that’s all you need to pay attention to and you will be good to go and play its active and divisional games like a pro.

While the active games consist of word puzzles ranging between 2 to 20 words with cash prizes as high as a whopping $1000, its divisional games distribute cash prizes in the form of division 1 and division 2.

While division 1 cash prizes can be won by answering all its 20 puzzles right, the division 2 cash prizes can be acquired by cracking the second highest correct puzzles.

Well, that certainly doesn’t require any rocket science, does it? It is easy as eating a piece of cake.

In fact, with cash prizes raining in your life (all thanks to Wealth Words which is one of the popular mind games), you literally can eat cake, celebrate and rejoice your achievement with friends and family.

It is certainly going to make you feel all the more gratified and motivated.

So, what are you waiting for?

Trust me, you wouldn’t want to miss playing this online cash game.

Every day that you make money from home by passing time through a simple game of words. It couldn’t get any better for sure.

Well, it’s high time you start brainstorming through its intense puzzling sessions. You surely are going to love every bit of it. Happy puzzling, folks.

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