The Benefits of Solving Puzzles for the elderly

by Max Fragar
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Puzzles are fun, entertaining, and one of the most challenging hobbies ever.

An appealing and stimulating activity by nature, they are loved by people of all ages and cultures.

Solving puzzles have numerous mental, physical, and emotional benefits.

But when it comes to senior people, the daily crossword puzzle is a game-changer.


The benefits of solving puzzles for the elderly are innumerable, including enhanced memory, better cognitive skills, improved concentration, and much more.

It can even reduce the chances of dementia and Alzheimer’s in the elderly. Isn’t that simply amazing?

Here are all the benefits of solving puzzles regularly for the elderly that you need to know.

1) Crossword Puzzles result in influential brain workout

Crosswords puzzle solving involves both the left and right sides of the brain, hence creating a thought-provoking workout.

Creative and sensitive thoughts are processed in the right part.

The logical reasoning and commands are executed by the left part.

The consequences of this influential brain workout are faster for senior persons helping in judgment ability if they play crosswords.

2) Crossword Puzzles help in retaining and enhancing cognitive skills

Numerous studies have been determined that working on puzzles for at least 90 minutes a week can significantly improve one’s intelligence quotient.

Puzzles help in the process of learning new words, enriches memory power, reasoning skill for the elderly and more.

3) Crossword Puzzles help in enhanced visual and spatial insight

To solve a crossword puzzle one should have a clear understanding of the puzzle followed by a visual and spatial representation of the puzzle.

This pictorial representation of the puzzle makes the problem more approachable.

This scanning process of pictures, shapes, sizes, and colors not only improves your visual and spatial recognition but also enhances your short-range memory.

4) Crossword Puzzles act as a medium for socializing

Puzzles can be either a solo activity or a group activity.

When we solve the puzzle in a group we develop opportunities for easy communication, associations, cherishing accomplishments and relationships.

Visual puzzles always play an exclusive chance for an association.

5) Crossword Puzzles help in adding meaningful substance to life

Solving crossword puzzle games by the elderly successfully results in the release of a chemical called dopamine in your brain.

Dopamine is what makes you feel happy, accomplished, and confident.  

It also enhances your motor skills, boosts your level of concentration, and makes you more confidence.

6) Crossword Puzzles enhances the problem-solving skill

“Better to have the problem-solving skills than to discuss them”, rightly quoted by Zbigniew and Matthew Micalewicz

Puzzles need critical thinking, brainstorming, and a creative solution.

By solving a crossword puzzle daily, the elderly inculcate the habit of designating the puzzle as a problem that needs to be thoroughly processed using different approaches to get the most appropriate solution.

This whole thought process requires strong mathematical thinking.

This process of evaluating a puzzle to final result helps to become great problem solvers in real life, great risk takers and enhances adaptability.

7) Crossword Puzzles focuses on therapeutic meditation

Puzzles solved with dedicated concentration activate both left and right hemispheres of our brains and help us to relax emotionally.

It encourages an intellectual state of mind that allows for therapeutic meditation. This mediation helps in experiencing a state of calmness and satisfaction

The benefits of solving puzzles for the elderly

This form of meditation directs to accomplish an enhanced outlook and serenity. It also enhances productivity and self-confidence levels.

We can very well conclude that crossword puzzle games are of great benefit for the elderly brains.

Are you an elderly who is waiting for a brainstorming puzzle game?

So, what are you waiting for? Find your favorite free daily crossword puzzle and start solving it right now!

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