How I Became a Fan – The Crossword Puzzle Edition!

by Carol Lee
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Crossword puzzles are one of the most loved games all around the world. It reels you in and refuses to let you go. Its captivating, challenging, and entertaining qualities is what makes it so interesting. Once you will start solving a free crossword puzzle, you will understand the magic.

How I became a fan - The crossword puzzle edition

I too was once an unsuspecting amateur. I had no idea about crosswords or how it works. I was just looking for something to do in my free time. while surfing through the internet, I came across a gaming website that offered money for solving crossword puzzles. I was instantly intrigued. The fact that I could earn some extra cash enticed me more to try out the game. And that was when I tried out my first crossword puzzle. That is how my love for crossword puzzles truly started. And from that day to today, I have become an expert in solving crosswords.

I often find myself asking why did I love free online puzzles so much? What was it that enticed me to become a die-hard fan? I have finally found the answers to these questions.

The perfect reprieve from a hectic and stressful schedule

One of the most important effects crossword had on my life was that it gave me a reprieve from the stress of my daily life. We all know how hectic, stressful, and fanatic our daily lives can be. There is no time to rest or unwind. Solving free online crossword puzzles became a perfect way to spend some alone time. I could lose myself in the puzzle and forget all about my problems and difficulties that I was facing in real life. It gave me a peaceful and tranquil few minutes to recharge my brain and body.

Earning some extra cash

Who doesn’t love to earn some extra cash? I did too. I was in dire need of money when I started playing this game. And the reason I became a fan was that it solved my problem. Once I started understanding the intricacies of crossword and solving the puzzles, I could earn huge amounts of cash. Playing such real money earning games became my favorite pastime. became a part of my daily routine as it offered numerous money-earning puzzles for me to solve. Although I don’t get much time nowadays, I still try to solve at least a couple puzzles every week to keep my skills sharp.

Family bonding time

After I saw the benefits of solving online crossword puzzles for my mental health, I suggested it to my family. We rarely had time to sit back and talk. I thought organizing a family game night would be great for all of us. We planned some real money games to make it more interesting. Solving the puzzles together was an eye-opener. It was one of the most fun, entertaining, and joyful nights that we spent together as a family. After the surprising successful gathering, we just had to continue the tradition.

Not only did this pastime stimulated my brain and improved my mood, but also helped me to get closer to my family. Is it still a surprise why I absolutely love crossword puzzles to the core of my heart!

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