91-Year-Old Woman found £60,000 artwork after filling a Crossword at a Museum

by Carol Lee
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If you are an avid player of crosswords, then you might be aware of its craze and popularity. In 19th century, the game became famous among the people and was played on a large scale. If we go with the rumors, people of those times were very busy playing these word puzzle games. In fact, at that time this became the major reason for divorces and fights amidst couples.

91-year-old woman found £60,000 artwork after filling a crossword at a museum (1)

Well, there are lot of strange stories in the history. But the one that went viral is an incident of a 91 year old lady, solving crossword. This story will definitely make you laugh. Curious to know what might have happened? So, here’s it is:

A 91-year old woman in Germany mistook an artwork and filled the crossword puzzle. The actual value of the modern art based on crossword puzzle was £60,000. In 1977, the artwork was crafted by Arthur Köpcke of the Fluxus movement. This unique artwork was further displayed at Nuremberg’s Neues Museum. The artwork actually appeared as an empty crossword which was accompanied with a sign that read ‘insert words’. Well, this was what made the old lady curious and she went to solve it with a Biro. No doubts, she was a passionate player but this act got her in trouble.

A police complaint was filed against the old lady for destroying the artwork. In the investigation, the police realized that the lady had no intentions to harm the artwork. So, the police let her go. In fact, the museum management took this whole incidence in a very humorous way. The management planned to restore the artwork and decided to avoid the label – “insert words”.

So, this was the whole incident. It was actually hilarious. Poor lady, her love for crosswords landed her into trouble. But, hey, you know what? Unlike that old lady, your love for word puzzle games can land you amidst amazing cash prizes. No kidding, my friend. You can actually enhance your savings with online crossword puzzles. Play crossword puzzle games online and win exciting cash prizes.

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