5 ways to keep your kids away from social media

by Max Fragar
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In this digitally inclined age, kids are always busy on their smartphones. Various social media platforms take up all their free time. This is neither good for their body, nor for their brain.

Parents are desperately searching for ways to keep their kids occupied. Are you one of those parents who is tensed about your kid’s obsession with social media? Do not worry, we have the perfect solution for you.

Playing crossword online, reading books, and playing productive games are just some of the effective ways we have listed down for your little ones.

Here are five supereffective and productive ways to keep your kid away from social media.

1. Get them interested in crosswords online

Keeping them away from their phones is extremely difficult. You have to be smart and strategic about it. You need to find a productive hobby that uses gadgets in some way.

They will not be separated from their beloved smartphones and still be able to spend their time in a productive way. Getting them interested in crossword puzzles online is a great idea.

The benefits of crossword puzzles are wide and extensive, and they will help your kid in varying ways. Solving crossword puzzles will improve their memory, boost their concentration, enhance their cognitive skills, and much more.


2. Let them experience the magic of books

Reading is one obsession that is hard to get rid of. Once they get interested in books, they will forget all about social media. Take them to your nearest library and let them choose the books that suit their interest.

Do not force them to read a particular genre. Let them find what they love on their own. This can be a great hobby for your kid.


3. Let them play productive games

As a parent, you need to know that not all games are bad. There are numerous productive and educational games that will keep your kids away from social media.

Online puzzle and word games are great for improving their mental capabilities. Such games are great for their memory, attention, IQ, and problem-solving skills.

They can even earn some extra cash by playing online cash games. This is a great way to keep them away from social media and teach them something different.


4. Teach them how to cook

Cooking is one such activity that all must know. You can teach them how to cook and prepare their favorite dishes.

This will not only keep them away from social media but also help them in their future. Start small and let them experiment so that they can build up their interest in cooking.


5. Get them some musical instruments

Most kids want to learn some musical instrument but never really get the time to do so. Curb their time spent on the Internet and let them learn how to play their favorite instrument.

They can learn how to play the guitar, or a piano, or anything else that they like. Along with solving crossword online and other mentioned activities, this is a great way to keep them occupied.

Now that you know how to keep your kids away from social media, what are you waiting for? Choose the perfect activity for your kid and get started right now.

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