5 Smart Crossword Tips will Help You Solve at a Faster Pace

by Carol Lee
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Hobbies engage you in keeping stress and anxiety at bay. Even if you spend a couple of hours a week doing something you love, it is the best way to get rejuvenated.

Crosswords. This is what I love. Not only do I find them interesting but also educational. When your hobby starts paying you it feels absolutely great.

Yes. My all-time favorite Wealth Words online crossword pays me. This puzzle game has become more and more popular every day.

Not only cash rewards, but this amazing game has also helped me learn new things:

  •         I started thinking in a different way.
  •         My problem-solving ability increased
  •         Boosted my confidence both in spoken skills and body language
  •         Made the decision making ability better
  •         Helped me recognize the impact of actions
  •         Developed a great sense of self-awareness
  •         Time management
  •         Flexible environment
  •         Agility and adaptability
  •         The potential to lead by influence

I’ve played online crossword puzzles before so I have learned many tips and tricks that I want to share with all of you.

1. Know what the theme is trying to say

A few puzzles are random but some crosswords are theme-based. After carefully reading the clues, you should know about which theme it is inclined.

The possibilities might be endless. Understand the theme as it will give you a better vision helping you find the answers faster.

2. Turn the crossword upside down

Most online games are time-based so is this one. There is a one-hour time limit which I feel is more than sufficient because the crosswords are easy.

Turning the crossword upside-down sometimes help you think of words that you are unable to think otherwise.

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3. Search for simple games

When you start a puzzle, reading the clue and thinking will take a lot of time. The first thing you should do is to read one clue and stop.

If you know the answer, fill in quickly and if you don’t, quickly jump onto the next clue.

When you are done with all the instant answers, only then can you think calmly and think about the other clue answers.

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4. Recheck your answers

Sometimes you feel you have completed the crossword with all the correct answers but later you realize there are many words that were incorrect.

Crosscheck the answers by reading the clues, thinking about it and verifying your answer.

At times there are hidden hits that you are unable to find, so make sure you don’t go wrong anywhere. One wrong answer can spoil your complete puzzle.

5. Practice more and more games

Whenever you are waiting somewhere, commuting but not driving yourself, you can play this amazing game and win money.

Jot down all the correct answers and win cash prizes. That sense of accomplishment that you will get seriously cannot be described in words.

Job satisfaction is important of course but you make extra income as a freelance from crossword. Besides, it is imperative for you to enhance your skills to cope up in this competitive world.

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