5 Best Things That Will Make 2019 Extra Special

by Carol Lee
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Everyone was eagerly waiting for the New Year to begin. New Year celebration was a celebration above religion, place and even country. In 2019, you might not have planned your getaway but what are you waiting for? You may have your own dreams for this year, but might be having a watch over your wallet as well. So, what should be done that your year becomes special this time?

Make every day count! No matter it’s Monday, Tuesday, Friday or Saturday. Surprised? Well, keep everything aside and start loving Crosswords. No wonder you can be the next millionaire. So, play crossword puzzles and earn huge cash prizes.

Yes! You have read it right.

Best Things That Will Make 2019

Here are 5 must-do things that can be followed once your pockets are full with the puzzle prize money:

1. Travel for free

Try something new, expand your horizons and jump out of your comfort zone. Head to nature and sleep under the stars, try different dishes, there is a lot waiting for you. You are an ambassador of your own world, so represent yourself in the best light. Start traveling with wonder and gratitude. Look how beautiful the planet is, see how amazing the waterfall, dancing gazelle, conquering mountains and smiling toothless elderly trader really are.

You will certainly feel lucky to witness all this. Memories shape your character and stay with you forever. Remember, there is no past or future. Life only exists now. So, live every moment with passion. When you plan and earn money from Wealth Words online cash games for this trip, enjoy to the fullest. Realize how lucky you are and rejoice in that. It doesn’t matter which all places you visit, what matters is the footprints that you leave behind.

Love the diversity of the world and appreciate it. What are you waiting for? Register or play online crossword game for free to earn bucks. Pack your bags, book your tickets and fly to your favorite destination to have a memorable time of your life.

2. Make shopping more fun

Of course, you have already bid goodbye to the last year on a happy note. Keep up the spirit and shop your heart out when you have that required extra cash. January has just started and you have the whole year in front of you. There would be parties you may be attending, meetings, get-together and more. You obviously want to look the best. So, to avoid last-minute hassles, play free online crossword puzzles and earn real cash. The more you win the more money you have, the more shopping you can do. Already excited? You should be.

Decide which shopping mall you will be visiting and how much will you be spending. Try to shop from a place where you get everything under one roof. Make a plan beforehand.

If you want to avoid the hassle and the brick and mortar store, go for online shopping. That being said, remember to keep an open mind while you are shopping because you might not always get what you are looking for.

Start focusing on the easy real cash game and solve crosswords dedicatedly, so that you win maximum amount.

Make a list of the recipients if you are planning to buy gifts for your loved ones as well. Why not when you have that extra cash in your pocket? Also, have in mind what budget you will stick to while purchasing.

Go for decent bargains and visit stores offering good discounts. Choose variation in the choice of the colors, so that it portrays your positive vibes. After your purchase, wrap gifts in a unique manner. Fix a few fancy articles to them that makes them look elegant.

3. Treat your skin with love

By the end of the year, your skin, hair, and body feel a little lack of luster. This season is there to offer joy and happiness. Even for those who don’t have time to take care of their skin throughout the year, there is always a bit of stress.

Between the challenge of purchasing the best gift for everyone (only if you want to) on your loved one list and worrying about looking your best, you might feel overwhelmed. For this, it is important to take a break amid the chaos and pamper yourself. After all, you have to look gorgeous and if you have not taken proper rest, you won’t feel good.

What better way to keep stress at bay than a tranquil day at the spa. When you have earned enough with real money earning games, you can afford any spa salon to pamper yourself.

There is nothing like a facial treatment or body massage especially when you have to ease fatigue and deepen relaxation. These simple acts of unwinding yourself, help you feel better and look young. Regular treatments keep your skin supple, reduces inflammations and deter wrinkles.

Spa treatments and massage therapies have both mental and physical health benefits. Hot water promotes relaxation that helps you sleep. When you feel good, you have good thoughts. Regular pampering keeps the body working at an optimum level

The stress of business life is undoubtedly tiring. When traffic and unhealthy diet is combined, the anxiety inevitably doubles. Body spa and massage reduces stress, lowers blood pressure, promotes muscular relaxation, enhances circulation and strengthens the body’s immune system.

There are many ways to pamper yourself but the best one is taking care of your skin. Agree? Move a step ahead, login to www.wealthwords.com, start solving daily crossword game and grab the opportunity to earn huge.

4. Eat what you love

You live in a world of plenty, with more than enough food choices. You choose food for different reasons besides hunger. Personal taste, family preferences, cultural influences, emotional reasons, convenience, and variety. No matter what the reason, when you plan to enjoy your this year with your favorite food, don’t think twice.

Opting for play & win active games gives you the opportunity to visit a luxury restaurant and enjoy gourmet delicacies. When you have money, you can fulfill all your desires. Delicious cookies, holiday meal, potluck dinner… it gets exciting.

A large celebration, an intimate dinner or family get together, nothing is complete without a warm and inviting atmosphere. A fine dining experience is an amalgamation on multiple things besides the food quality.

No matter what you want to order, go ahead because now your wallet is full of cash. You certainly love something for the way it tastes and the way it appeals your taste buds.  Great ambiance, optimum lighting, clean table mats, awe-inspiring furniture, and impeccable customer service makes the fine dining experience memorable.

The good news is that you can stretch your food spending even when you are in a budget crunch with Wealth Words cash prize crossword puzzles. Each of you is different and the so is the way you approach delicacies.

Over the years, you have developed a palate for various flavors so why not order the cuisines you love the most? Who could have ever imagined that you could win a handsome amount of real cash by solving easy crossword puzzles? Well, now it is true.

So, experience the sensational meal that will be the highlight during the festive season and the outstanding dining possibilities that will tantalize your palate. Every single day is important, so make the moment special.

5. Host a get-together party

Are you planning to host a party after your friends are done with the New Year Party? Have you already started testing cocktail recipes and purchased party horns? But how to make this one more special?

A few more questions: Have you started picturing a great bash at your place with all your friends, sparkling decoration and candles? Are you someone who always wanted to host a unique party but you never had the budget to do so?

You certainly want your guest to capture funny photographs, dance on loud music, bring crazy noisemakers and relish the platter of appetizers. If there is a close friend of yours who has a birthday in January, it is the right time to throw a surprise party.

Already started imagining yourself when the clock strikes 12, you picture yourself toasting with champagne while feasting with themed night supper. This scenario costs a fortune if there is a hole in your pocket.

The best trick is to solve online cash game, up your sleeve and then you can host an incredible party that people will talk about for a long time. From food to games, you should not cut down costs and sacrifice the fun. And if your New Year resolution is to enjoy life, this is a great thing to start.

In every get-together party, friends and family come together to enjoy. But hosting a birthday party is trickier because everything is based around the last 60-second countdown of the midnight.

Depending on how many guests you are catering, be flexible while preparing food. Well, now you know how to win money from Wealth Words- an online crossword puzzles portal, so you can spend as much as you want.

You can be as creative as you like. Go for theme party games and have fun.  Prepare the playlist on Spotify, Pandora or iTunes to suit the variety of the mood of your guests.

Start the night with festive background music and gradually build the pace towards midnight. Make sure you have everything organized in an array so that everyone rejoices completely.

Interact, engage, listen and embrace!

The final word

No matter how you wish to pamper and enjoy this year spend quality time with your loved ones. There is a lot that goes into making your memories. But remember that every party or celebration should mingle with laugh and happiness so that you overcome your stresses. Solve word search puzzles, earn cash and do whatever you love without worrying about money crunch.

So are you ready to pamper yourself and your loved ones this year? Eat, drink, be merry and party hard!


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