10 Online Family Games that Will Keep You Entertained

by Max Fragar
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Staying at home during this lockdown is quite challenging. With possibly nothing to do apart, ‘Eat, Sleep and Repeat’, the monotonous routine is getting on the nerves.

Thankfully you have smartphones that keep you entertained.

What are you dealing with? We know, restless kids, the clock is ticking slower than usual and you are exhausted all the ideas on how to keep all the family members busy.

Well, you have come to the right post. We have you back with the list of top 10 family games everyone in the family will enjoy.

1) Wealth Words

Playing puzzle games online has never been more interesting.

Wealth Words has many fun and addictive word games where you have to decipher the clues and find the answer to create the word.

Players can also win real cash if the submission of the puzzles is correct. Great, right?

They are not only fun to play but also enhances your cognitive ability. The whole family can have a competition on who completes the crossword fastest.

The iOS and Android compatible game is fun to play.

2) Animal Crossing

This is one of the best crazy games that is typically played on Nintendo devices and has a free mobile version download. It also has in-app purchases.

Players on this fun online game have the opportunity to design their own imaginary world and those up to 100 animals.

Family members who have the game on the app can connect with each other and have a good time.

3) Scrabble Go

Scrabble is always fun. Download the two-player game and get ready to argue for hours on end with your loved ones.

A sense of normalcy is a great thing in these difficult times, right? You can have more than two players, i.e. to 4.

4) Ball Pool

The coolest pool game is right next to you now. The iOS and Android compatible game boasts your pool playing skills within your family members.

There is a virtual version that lets you complete one-on-one or 8 player tournaments.

The best thing is, you can also sign up via Facebook and challenge anyone from the comfort of your home.

What are you waiting for then? Show them what you got.

5) Badland

Ever played platformer games online? This one seems simple to play but more challenging than it actually looks.

Badland is the one and an only crazy online game where you guide a flying bat-like creature via a level full of traps as well as obstacles.

You also keep escaping the slow scroll of the level. Power-ups help in leveling up the game as it is quite hard to guide all the clones together, so most of you will end up perishing them.

When there are two, three, four players, the number of bats gets increased and it then becomes challenging to keep a track of everything that is going on in a fun way.

6) Dunkers

Dunkers is a unique basketball game where Auntie Mabel may not fare well against little Jimmy in the latest FIFA or Madden.

For the great equalizer in the virtual one on one sports, you have to try unhinged basketball effort Dunkers. On that basis, it is nigh-on impossible for anyone to control.

In the crazy ball game, two players face off their arms whirling maniacally.

Every player has two buttons, one of which slings their on-screen avatar forward and in the air while the other one moves them backward. Sometimes a trampoline also appears in the basketball court.

The game is quick, silly, and requires only one device. You can also explore similar games like Battle Golf if you are a fan of energetic games that level the playing field. All the credit goes to the crazily designed unpredictable gameplay.

7) Heads Up

This one is a digital take on an epic party game where you hold a paper piece on your forehead with something scribbled on it.

The opponent player has to guess what the game says from the friend’s clues. Everything is done at a fast pace in the game and it requires a single device.

You have to select a category and then hold the phone on your forehead so everyone can see the screen. Get the right answer and then you can flip the mobile down to get a new card.

One interesting thing you can do is record everyone’s reaction in the phone camera so that family members laugh out loud later when they see how they reacted.

8) King of Opera

King of Opera is a comic game with four people hunched over the phone to play the game. The weird nature of the game makes it fun to play.

It is also intuitive, given that the aim is to simply keep the tenor in the spotlight. Everyone aims to knock one another off the stage and grab the spotlight for themselves, like the operatic sumo.

What clicks is the controls of the fun adventure game that are simple enough for anyone to quickly understand.

Every singer spins on the spot and when the button is pressed via a player, the chubby superstar trundles forward to may themselves play for the limelight.

9) Terraria

Terraria is a free Minecraft game online where players are given the opportunity to explore the world and slowly turn it into their kingdom by building things with it.

You will have fun while digging down and finding monsters and treasures galore.

The free multiplayer game is interesting as it allows one player to fetch materials while others can build.

One explore left and the other explores right, you get the complete picture so it becomes more fun to play.

10) Super Stickman Golf

Are you a computer sports game fan? If yes, you will certainly get addicted to this one.

Super Stickman Golf 3 re-imagines golf as a side on ball-smacker within larger than life courses of floating islands, huge castles, and laser moon bases.

Well, the basics are quite simple. All you have to do is to set your angle and power and then allow rip. It is quite similar to Angry Birds but with a degree of precision control.

Stay Safe and have fun!

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