Take Part in Wealth Words Puzzles and Win Real Money by Playing Games

by Carol Lee
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Wealth Words doesn’t require any introduction anymore. In a short span of a year, it has made a name for itself in the world of online money games. From its active games to divisional games, this online crossword has everything that lets people earn real money by playing games. In fact, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that it has totally transformed the way crosswords were perceived and played earlier. Checkout our blog below on how you can take part in wealth words puzzles.

Take Part in Crossword Puzzles and Win Real Money by Playing Games-july-2018Sure, the history of crosswords dates back to some good 100 years and it still is as popular as it was back then in the 19th century. After all, it didn’t only help people kill time productively but, also was a great learning experience. Additionally, the way it boosted the analytical skills of people was commendable. But, that’s it. There was nothing else than few words of appreciation and claps that one got after solving the crossword correct.

However, the story changed since the inception of Wealth Words. Revamping itself in a new age online crossword, it didn’t only let people dive in its world of words just through a click but, also offered them huge cash prizes as winnings. Well, there is a reason Wealth Words is such a rage right now. It’s not everyday one gets to earn real money by playing games like crosswords, right?

So, whether you are a crossword aficionado or someone who has just bumped in to become a wordsmith, you certainly need to play this impeccably crafted online money game. A simple registration followed by a token purchase of $2 each is all you need to try your hands at Wealth Words. Pretty simple, isn’t it?

In short, you cannot afford to miss playing real money making games. And, you know what’s more amazing? Well, the plethora of intriguing and interesting games it offers is enough to make you swoon already.

Want to get a sneak peek of these games? Take its quick glimpses here.

  • Active games: As the name itself suggests, it is active and requires a lot of precision and focus to crack. Ranging between 2 to 20 words, it gives cash prizes lying anywhere between $50 to $2288. The amount of cash prizes keeps changing though.
  • Divisional games: These games are divided into division 1 and division 2. While answering all of its 20 puzzles right can give you division 1 cash prizes, the division 2 cash prizes require you to be on the second highest correct answer slot.
  • Open games: Well, it is open to everyone and doesn’t require any token purchase or registration. To put it in other words, it is a free game and can help you polish your puzzling skills.

That’s all from Wealth Words for now. And, I guess, it’s more than enough, isn’t it? So, it’s high time you choose the word puzzle games of your choice amidst its huge pool of crosswords and showcase your word power and money to the world with these online money games.

Well, making real money with online games was never this easy. Don’t you second my thoughts? I know, you do.

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