Win Instant Cash Online with Quick Picks!

by Max Fragar
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Have you ever imagined making instant money while sipping a cup of coffee or lying on a couch? You might be thinking it just happens in a dream. 

But wait, what if we tell you that it’s no more a dream. 

After entertaining puzzlers worldwide & gaining huge success, we have yet again come up with the biggest revelation of the year!

Wealth Words Launched Quick Picks to Win Instant Cash

Quick Picks, our new gaming model where your real battle is with time & your winnings would be real money. Sounds Exciting?

Let’s dive deeper to know what’s hidden inside

How to Play Quick Picks?

If you are a registered player of Wealth Words, then you can easily Login into your account and start playing here.

But if you are a new user, here are the few steps to follow to be a part of this thrilling gaming experience:

  1. Register on Wealth Words for Free.
  2. Once you Sign up you’ll receive an activation email. Activate your account to claim free tokens.
  3. Make Payment via PayPal. 
  4. Start playing Quick Picks

What are the types of Games in Quick Picks?

Currently, we have crossword clues, where you can solve the crossword and win cash online. You can play games of varied time limit:

  1. 5-second puzzle & win $20.
  2. 10-second puzzle & win $10.
  3. 20-sec puzzle & win $2.
  4. 40-sec puzzle & win $1.

Note: The game automatically ends after 40 seconds. The least amount of time one could use is 1 second.

Every second count and your time starts now!

Why Play Quick Picks?

Quick Picks is way different from our current model.

In the current model, we have prize pool distribution, whereas you can win money online instantly with Quick Picks.

Well, we must tell you it is worth spending the money because you just pay $2 but win $20.

How You Win Real Money in Quick Picks?

You must be the fastest if you aim to win the prize and make quick money.

In the case of multiple players playing at the same time, the fastest one wins the prize money. 

Be Fast & Furious to Win the Battle, Get Started!

A Little Sneak Peek into Wealth Words – An Online Real Money Game

  1. With 100+ Daily Puzzles & Prize Pool of Upto $16000, we have gamers across the globe.
  2. We launch special games – Event games launched every month, offering a special prize pool.
  3. Refer & Earn Program.
  4. Mobile App, available on Google Play Store & App Store.

When You Play & Win, We Pay

Edna Pensky, a consistent player of Wealth Words has won $1219 by solving our daily puzzles online.

She wins, she loses but never gives up on trying the premium games and making real money.

Another player, Deborah Shapiro, has also been an avid crossword puzzler and currently, she holds $856.35 winnings in her Wealth Words wallet.

The list doesn’t end here, there are so many players worldwide who have made us climb the ladder of success.

Warren Buffet once said that “The rich invest in time, the poor invest in money.” 

So, the choice is yours.

The clock is ticking, the battle has begun & your time starts now! Accept the challenge, beat the time and win instant cash online with Quick Picks.

Happy Puzzling!

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