These Games will Increase your IQ in a Month

by Carol Lee
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Ever wondered what smartness is all about? Is it related to looks or the way you dress up? Is it the way you talk or the way you walk?

Well, all these characteristics do shape your personality and make you look smart. But you know what actual smartness is? It’s the way your brain works.

Yes, the IQ or intelligence quotient of your brain determines the level of your smartness. So, it is very important to enhance the mind’s IQ and keep your brain agile. Don’t worry if your IQ level is low.

There are various ways to improve it. Any idea how to do that? It doesn’t require any rocket science. You can do it with ease through IQ games.

With a variety of puzzle games available, you can make your IQ top-notch in no time. Want to know about these games?

Take a look here.

1) Rubik’s cube

It is one of the best ways of keeping your brain productive. It requires you to align together with the squares of the same color.

And, when you try doing it, your brain goes through a lot of mental coordination. It doesn’t only improve your memory but also enhances your focus and fastens the processing of thoughts.

2) Chess

People who indulge in this game have a higher IQ than those who don’t play it. Yes, you heard that right. Chess is all about thinking critically and strategizing your moves.

And doing so puts your brain to mental stimulation. Well, isn’t that what you need to enhance your mind IQ?

3) Sudoku

It is a numeric puzzle where you need to fill all the 9×9 grids with digits from 1 to 9.

Since it requires you to visualize things from a variety of patterns, it helps you understand and anticipate things better. And, that’s one of the many traits of being smart.

4) Scrabble

This game of words is great for boosting vocabulary. And if that’s not enough, it even gives your thinking process a major boost.

So, you see how this board game can turn you a smart wordsmith in an instant way?

In fact, you wouldn’t even need a dictionary if you play scrabble every day. Yes, it is that effective.

5) Crossword puzzles

Puzzle games like crosswords serve as a big stress buster. It puts your brain in a variety of challenging situations while finding new words.

This, in turn, helps you tackle real-life challenges with ease too. In fact, with online crosswords like Wealth Words, you can even win real money/cash prizes out of it.

So, apart from enhancing your memory and visual perception, it even can raise your bank balance.

In a nutshell, being intelligent and smart is the need of the hour in this competitive world.

And, for this reason, these puzzle games can work wonders to enhance mind IQ. So what are you waiting for?

Don’t you want to have a competitive edge over others? Well, then its high time you go ahead with these IQ games. Start playing crossword puzzle games and stay smart.

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