15 Best Mind Games Everyone Must Try

by Max Fragar
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Do you know as an organic storage device, the brain compares quite favorably to digital drives?

It has the ability to retain up to 2.5 petabytes of information and that is akin to approximately 3 million hours of TV.

Being able to retrieve all that knowledge is certainly a different matter.

Today, brain games are no longer a unique concept for improving your mind skills. It has become the need of the hour for the present time.

Over the years, your brain cells gradually lose their ability to remember things. In order to keep your memory sharp and husky, play mind development games as they will benefit you a lot in this regard.

They will improve your IQ level, logical reasoning skill, analytical skill, cognitive ability, retention power and most importantly improve your reflexes.

Here are 15 best mind games that will certainly sharpen your mind.

1) Wealth Words

Wealth words

Free crossword puzzle games remain the go-to cognitive exercises where surveys have proven that there is a strong correlation between the habit and delayed onset of Dementia.

The best part is you can get too good at these mind games online with continuous practice.

Wealth Words is one such game designed intricately to satisfy crossword craving of the puzzle lovers across the globe by offering a plethora of free word mind games.

In this game, the emphasis on offering cash rewards has added a great impact on the crossword enthusiasts. And this is something that has made this game so popular.

The traditional newspaper and paperback crossword has transformed into the tech world game and has created an immersive experience for the players.

If you are lucky to submit the right answers you get cash rewards. This mind word game helps the brain to produce dopamine making you feel happy.

The vibrant word game has non-linear gameplay to boost the strategic opportunities for the solvers as they have to read the clues carefully and fill in letters accordingly.


  • Anytime, anywhere game.
  • More than 500+ games
  • Offers huge cash prizes
  • 100% secure with PayPal gateway
  • PLenty of brain-training puzzles
  • Refer & Earn points with the mind game riddles
  • Boost vocabulary and groom your personality

Wealth Words have free games (free to play after registration), paid games (register and play with minimum $0.25 token)  and Today’s challenge (new trail game you can play every day).

The mind search word game is categorized into 3 further types:

a) Standard crossword games


In the standard mind puzzle game, the players have to carefully read the clues and then try to solve the answer by filling in the blanks.

b) Story-based games


The game sharpens your mind with interactive story-based as there are interesting stories where you have fill blanks with the appropriate answers.

c) Poem based games


In poem based mind twister games, there are amazing poems that have blanks. There are two-three options provided and you have to fill the blanks with the right answer.

Token price:

The $0.25 token price is a world’s first which is making it possible for all individuals to become Wealth Words participants. Isn’t it too little? Well, this is because anyone can play it with much less amount.

2) Lumosity


Lumosity is one of the top listed free mind activity games online.

It can be personalized and helps in training your brain with different interactive puzzle games.

This mind teaser game helps in developing problem-solving skills by challenging mental muscles across different segments.

You may be able to comprehend the remarkable focus by growing the training habit only for ten minutes a day.

Features of the game

  • Get tips to enhance your accuracy, speed, and strategy.
  • Gameplay can be defined to level your gameplay.
  • Mindfulness drills help in obtaining rational evidence.
  • As per your practice modes and choices get a set of innovative mind games.
  • Improves the computation skills and defies your estimation efficiency.
  • Boost your reading skills as well as vocabulary.
  • Enjoy the mind-boggling puzzles you prefer the most to relax and refresh your mind.
  • There are short span games that are not time-consuming.
  • The training plan designed by this mind quiz game is suitable for kids and adults.

3) Skillz


Skillz is one of the best mind-bending puzzle pc games that can be played for free on mobile as well. It tests and enhances your memory skills by offering you suitable brain exercise.

Small mind games included here certainly improves your retention power.

With the help of a fit test, start playing the free online games which will automatically calibrate your present skill, speeding the mind and attention state. The most exciting thing is that you will never get bored and have loads of fun.


  • Improves your cognitive ability with scientific methods
  • Encourages you to train yourself with the help of a new challenge.
  • Players can attend daily, weekly and monthly training programs.
  • The word mind game is absolutely flexible and you can also track down your performance.
  • Compare your performance with the rest of the players playing mind memory games online.
  • Train your brain with different challenging tasks.
  • Train your reflexes.
  • Boost accuracy and speed with best mind puzzles.

4) Peak


One of the best free must-try games that have more than 45 different games within it.

The game enhances your problem-solving skills and sharpens your memory.

The scientific game is designed for different age-groups. Moreover, the app challenges your mental agility, coordination, and innovativeness while including emotional control.


  • You have fun as you compete with your online friends and then view the final result.
  • Enjoy 30+ mini-games.
  • Get several brainstorming games for adults and children.
  • You can customize your brain workout plan and set a reminder for selected days so that you can play at any time.
  • Play games anytime, anywhere with a small monthly subscription fee.
  • The easy mind games also work offline so you can play without any internet connection.
  • Evaluate in which categories it excels.
  • It provides various brain training exercises.

5) Cognifit


Planning to improve your memory, concentration, attention, abilities, mental agility and reasoning?

If so, Cognifit is the right choice for you.

One of the most comprehensive and memory development games that helps to identify cognitive skills while identifying the risk of suffering from mental illness.


  • Identify your present state with this app.
  • Know about your cognitive abilities and improve everything via fun exercises.
  • Strategize the challenging puzzle games for adults and compare cognitive skills with others.
  • Identify mental illness skills and cognitive impairments.
  • The straightforward app is positively user-friendly.
  • This is not just a brain game for kids but also suitable for adults and the elderly.
  • Make sure this app is extensively used by people who are under mental treatment as well as the rehabilitation process.

6) Elevate


A unique mind development online puzzle game in the digital marketplace.

This mind-stimulating game for adults boosts speaking skills, math skills, memory attention, and speed.

The 40 mini-games strengthen cognitive ability.

You can do brain exercise daily with the help of 3-5 mind twister puzzle games with the help of the pro version.

The best thing is every game has its goal and you can evaluate your performance with monthly, weekly and daily performance reports.

Therefore you get a feel of competitiveness. Your performance is then assimilated in this mind game 2020 with other users among your age group.


  • Mind building games help in improving writing, speaking and reading skills.
  • Enhances the IQ level by daily brain workout.
  • Analyzes the detailed performance and feedback.
  • In the training program of hard mind games, everything is easily followed in a systematic manner.
  • A total of 40 different games have collaborated.
  • Get the activity results on a daily basis.
  • More than 35 mind games and puzzles help in achieving specific cognitive skills.
  • Personalize your mind workout as per your requirements.
  • Look at your workout calendar to track your stripes in order to stay motivated.

7) Clevermind iPad app


This is one easy-to-use and interesting way for the elderly and individuals having less cognitive ability is to surf the internet, connected with loved ones.

It is one of the most popular puzzle games online that helps to stay independently entertained while strengthening cognitive proficiency.

Key components of Clevermind:

  • Cognitive assessment training, tracking, and reporting
  • Speech recognition and interaction module by the ‘Intelligent Robotic Assistant’.
  • Carefully designed for elderly people having cognitive inabilities.
  • Large fonts, big buttons, and intuitive interface
  • Multi-functional scheduling driven by iOS calendar
  • A seamless experience for connections like Facebook


An online mind game with answers for anyone who has a declining cognitive ability interacts with the users via voice and touch.

This allows them to stay updated with the current events, stay on schedule, stimulate their brain, play different games, read books and watch movies and connect with friends and family.

Once your loved ones start playing this mind refreshing game, it not only improves the quality of life but also retains memory.

The situation of every person suffering from dementia is different but imagine what can be done with those few extra minutes or hours of your day.

It gives you the confidence of knowing them better and making them exercise their brains.

The main aim of Clevermind is to create a platform for those who are aging or suffering from cognitive impairment disease.

This type of mental exercise certainly enhanced brain health function.

The Clevermind app gives cognitive therapy, social interaction, patient history and assessment data for trending.

It has been anticipated upon the final trials that the ultimate goal of the app is to enhance the cognitive health of the elderly and potentially supplement the standard plan of Dementia patients.

8) Happy neuron


The happy neuron is a complete brain training method to stimulate the 5 main cognitive functions inclusive of memory, attention, language, executive function (reasoning & logical thinking) and visual-spatial skills.

For more than a decade, Happy neuron scientific team has been offering high-quality service based on the latest in cognitive science collaborating scientific effectiveness, personalization and fun.


  • Every individual is unique. This is the reason why Happyneuron offers personalized brain training based on the cognitive profile and set as per your needs. The player can choose between ‘wellness’ & ‘performance’ based on personality and expectation.
  • The method offers effective coaching and it defines the strength and weakness. This takes into account the diversity and complexity of the game catalog. Happyneuron offers:
  • Tracking tool checks the progress
  • Personalized guidance directs to the most appropriate games for your profile
  • Motivation as training can only be effective over the long-term.

9) Eidetic


Eidetic is an interesting mind game that helps in developing your memory and imaginary ability.

This game has the ability to draw different images and you memorize them. Does it sound easy? You should think again.

The statistics module gives your progress in gaining of the new method of memorizing, flexible setting of the task complexity allows you to set the complexity to your grade. A memory game with the theme designed to create observation and memory skills.

Do you know that eidetic memory is the ability of your memory to store all details of the image so that you can reproduce it without any errors?

Eidetic is a small and nice brain-twister game, playing this may while away your free time in the right manner.

When you are able to keep in mind a lot of visual non-associated information, it helps you a lot. Eidetic is actually a mind power game.

You have to start off with a jumbled up picture and try to put it together in the right manner.

The game difficulty level can be adjusted so that it becomes suitable for the children, adults and elderly.

Eidetic had brain teaser games that will give you only 4 seconds to memorize. Memory Challenge Level has 98 levels plus 4 Bonus Eidetic Challenge.

Photographic Memory Level has 98 levels having medium to very difficult level challenges.

Survival Challenge has 4 Eidetic Challenge where every challenge has infinite levels.

The highest level is recorded and will be registered to the Eidetic leaderboard. The 100% free game doesn’t have any in-app purchases.

If you are someone who wants to develop the visual eidetic memory, it is important to concentrate on the grid. Develop the creativity of imagination and create a short story using all images.

Do you know that training with a fun mind-game is good for patients having a slight or medium decline in the capacity of the vision constructive field?

 Yes. So start playing now!

10) Memorado


One of the scientifically researched mind activity games for seniors that drastically helps in enhancing cognitive power.

Experts have managed to develop a unique free game to keep your mind sharp as it offers you an interactive fun interface.

It builds your brain functionality with the help of designated and control design.


  • Increase the IQ level with the scientifically created app and easy mind game.
  • The daily mind game has the ability to make your mind develop with the help of a program.
  • You can practice its 24 brain games with more than 700 levels.
  • The math mind games with answers help build logic in the development process.
  • Enjoy the game and reduce stress.
  • Select and focus on your interested fields of development as per your need.
  • Get personalized and focus routine workout with the amazing mind-reading game online.
  • Assess your performance and do the needful.

11) BrainHQ

Brain HQ

BrainHQ is the result of thirty years of research on the brain development program.

This app has 29 mind-bender games with different challenging levels. The more they progress, the more difficult level.

The mind teaser puzzles give you various exercises that will advance your memory, speed accuracy, attention, navigation skill and whatnot.

The program can be personalized as per the desired field of interest.


  • Play mind games online with a brain-related treatment program.
  • Face the new challenging exercises day after day with the increased difficulty level and mind-brain games.
  • Preserve your score and compare it with the previous one.
  • Enjoy the brain workout and develop your brain in a fun way with the help of mind-stimulating games.
  • Simply spend 5-minutes a day and you will see the difference for yourself.
  • Get a reminder for your scheduled workout.
  • Maximize your skills by regular and repeated practice with new mind games.
  • Learn to at faster, build self-confidence and decrease depression from your life.

12. NeuroNation


If you are someone who is suffering from a weaker memory, then this app will be your best friend that will help to enhance your memory skills.

The mind games for android will hardly take 15 minutes from your daily time for the brain development exercise.

This way, your memory will get healthy and all the problems will certainly vanish.

These renowned mind-blowing puzzles have a health prize on its name for digital prevention from the General Federal Ministry of Health.

If you play the mind booster games regularly, your memory will increase and stress will reduce.

In addition to this, the thinking speed will increase and concentration will develop.

These mind quiz games give you a comprehensive analysis of your potential and make a training plan as per your requirements.


  • You will get 27 games with 250 levels to keep your mind sharp.
  • Get balance training with positive motivation.
  • You can monitor your progress closely and then compare it with other groups.
  • With the best mind games to play with friends, personalize your training and focus on the exciting segments.
  • In this one of the top mind games to play with friends, you keep getting a new set of exercises and workouts regularly.
  • Also, you can enjoy customer care for authority.

13. Tricky Test 2


The Tricky Test 2 is a mind improvement game that not only tests your IQ but also gives a few tricky quizzes to evaluate if you are a real genius.

This mind game for children and adults has introduced unique puzzle games having a series of smart brain teasers.

The app compels your brain to think more and more and then focus on a delicate manner thereby sharpening your intellect.

If you regularly play mind training games, your IQ is increased, focus and critical reasoning ability get boosted. This also pushes your creative thinking.


  • You will get 111 trivia quizzes and will be asked to solve them within the challenging duration.
  • Play the mind challenging game quizzes to test your memory and logical reasoning.
  • You may also choose the questions to test the IQ of your friends.
  • Take part in the exercises of the mind teaser games and strengthen your memory while having a lot of fun.
  • You will surely make a habit of thinking out of the box whenever needed. 

14. Brain Wars


Brain Wars is one of the most challenging and mind power games in the gaming industry.

The fun mind games generate competitive mode by outing you against a strong competitor.

Now isn’t that something really unique? Of Course, it is.

Initially, you will be getting a few mini-games in the present training schedule where you can easily train your mind to groom your personality.

This mind development game gives you the opportunity to challenge someone so that it can find your present level.

You can practice as much as you want because there is no limit.

With the mind test game, you will develop your observation skills, focus, concentration, and logical ability.


  • You can test your judgment, calculation, accuracy, memory and speed skills with various min-games.
  • Get a brain-map and you will find the performance record on it.
  • Have fun in the competition with an anonymous person.
  • Send an emoji to an opponent and send a friend request.
  • In the mind game pro, defeat your opponent and earn the top ranking.
  • Challenge your opponent anytime within the real-time competitions in the mind refreshing games.
  • You can also invite your close friends and challenge them with the help of social media platforms.

15. Left Vs Right

left vs right

You can easily work out in the gym for your physical development. But what about your mental development?

Never thought of it? Alright, but it is time to think about it right now.

Play mind games 2020 and keeps your brain active and strong. Left VS Right is one free mind sharpening game which is specifically designed to judge your awareness, brain activity, memory, sensibility, and the list is a little long.


  • The best mind games for android helps to train your brain actively every day.
  • Without any concern, you will feel more attentive and intelligent.
  • In this free online mind game, there are many easy tactics but it is very important to have a super IQ level to become a master.
  • 50% game is specifically designed to train the brain actively.
  • These mind games for adults test your awareness, intelligence, patience, and precision.

Benefits of Playing Mind Quiz Games:

Benefits for Kids:

The best mind games consist of five main cognitive functions:

a) Memory

Brain with clippers

Memory has a crucial role in different cognitive activities inclusive of reading, reasoning, and mental calculation.

There are several types of memory at work in the brain. Taken together, cognitive skills are noticed when they begin to fail.

To maintain a good memory, kids have to try mind puzzles for kids.

b) Attention


Attention is necessary for almost all tasks. Good brain-mind games for kids help them to enable and maintain concentration despite noise and distraction.

The attention can be improved by simply changing routine.

Change the routine work and allow them to rearrange their room as this will help them to refocus everything.

c) Language

men with alphabets

The language activities will certainly challenge a kid’s ability to recognize, remember and understand words.

Mind games for kids also exercise the fluency, grammatical skills as well as vocabulary.

With regular practice, it is easy to expand knowledge and retrieve similar words.

For example, when you are playing a mind puzzle for kids like a crossword game, you will be exposed to new words that are easier to understand when reading in context.

This will help you build your language skills and improve your vocabulary.

d) Logical & Reasoning Skills

Work force

Even without realizing, everyone uses logic and reasoning skills on a daily basis.

Mind refreshing games is an activity that needs a strategy to reach the desired outcome.

Think in-depth about what the clue is trying to indicate regarding the answer.

e) Cerebral Workout

Brain workout

Kids may not have realized it earlier but it is important that a child’s mental muscles also workout.

When you know about the cognitive functions, it is easier to find the daily activities that will break the mental sweat, keeping the brain in shape.

The fun and challenging mind puzzle games ensure the most optimal brain workout for children.

Benefits for Adults

a) Instills positive emotions

Performing yoga

You get tapped into positive emotions like curiosity, optimism, and innovativeness.

Adults enjoy the mind reader games while improving your memory on the side. These emotions stay with you as you keep playing.

b) Winning makes you feel heroic

Enjoying sunrise

Playing mind games brings people together. And it is the competition among peers which adds adrenaline.

After successfully winning the best mind puzzle game for adults, you are more likely to set an ambitious goal for yourself even outside of gaming.

Basically, these top 15 mind games have the ability to turn your superpowers on. Well, you can try for yourself!

c) Games slow down the aging

Happy girl

Hey ladies, throw away the entire anti-wrinkle stuff, all you need to do is play more pc mind games.

Well, 2 hours of mind games for girls every week slows down the degree of mental decay that comes with aging. Well, that is good enough.

Benefits for Elderly

Brain games are certainly stimulating your thinking. Word puzzle games for the elderly are mentally stimulating, their long-term benefits and they are debated.

Some studies have revealed that they have found they may help delay dementia or slow its progression while other research has found no connection.

More convincing evidence is the mind game helps in sharpening certain thinking skills that tend to wane with age.

This may include the processing speed, panning skills, reaction time, decision making and short-term memory.

Many people don’t use these skills actively as they age.

Therefore, learning to use your brain in response to other forms of stimulation can help strengthen valuable mental skills.

Building up the reserve: Another way the brain games may help with memory is by building the cognitive reserve.

Your brain is likely to fall short of the hype because the effects of the training are limited.

The brain is plastic, this means that its pathway and connections change via experience.

When a skill is practiced, the brain adapts and you tend to get better at the skill.

A long history of research shows this training effect is specific. Getting better at one task will never make you better at another.

If you are someone who does crossword puzzles every day, you get better. And playing mind test games is something worth your time.

Go for Today’s Challenge!

You can start playing free online mind development games, daily puzzle games or today’s crossword challenge to improve your mental ability.

Whether you are a kid, adult or elderly, mind games will always help you groom your overall personality.

Some of you may have the habit of playing games on the pc or while pulling out your iPhone or Android phone from your pocket.

But do you know there are only a few mind thinking games which are actually good for your brain?

Well, it is very important to take care of your physical as well as mental health. It is a critical aspect of keeping your overall health in shape.

In some games, you have cracked the right answers and in others, you may have to remember the patterns.

So, play free mind games in 2020 as they help you to remember certain information.

You have to understand how every game is played and then try your hands on them.

Playing online mind games is not an escape from important work.

It is all about the feeling of enjoyment that you get the joy of an epic win or sudden scream when you get a high score or win real cash rewards.

Keep playing and have fun!

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