How Online Real Money Game Helps Me Celebrate Life?

by Carol Lee
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I’m the kind of person who keeps looking up for new things. I usually think “What’s Next?” after accomplishing a goal that I set. Even when I achieve something really good in my professional or personal life, I start thinking about how can I sustain it.

Earlier, I used to think that success will pause me and I will feel complete. But now I feel, a very conscious effort has to be made to take out time, enjoy and celebrate progress as well as milestones. I have realized the importance of doing so.

Last year in January I was looking for reliable ways to earn extra money when this exciting game came to my notice, Wealth Words.

This real money earning game has a different concept where the players can earn cash rewards when they correctly solve all the clues.

Wondering what is the prize pool of such a simple game? Well, it ranges from $5 to $3000. Now, that is huge of course.

Over time, the game became my favorite pastime and I go so indulged that I started sparing more time to play the simple money making game.

The best thing is, this side hustle activity amplified by bank balance and I made myself and others happy (by giving them surprise gifts) with the money that I earn.

Like last weekend I flew to Atlanta with 5 more old college friends to surprise an old friend who had a birthday the next day. I loved the fact that all the other friends came down from various locations across the country to reunite and celebrate the good old days.

We had been planning a reunion for a very long time. I managed to save a good amount of money that I earned from playing online puzzles to give him a gift he will love.

I gifted him an iPhone XR. He felt he was on cloud nine. After saying thank you multiple times this is a note he mailed me later. “I don’t think I may have been this surprised.

I had an amazing time with all of you. Thank you for making it possible. And most importantly, I would like to Thank you for the beautiful gift, I had been longing for. Feeling blessed and extremely happy”.  This mail of his brought tears in my eyes, seriously.

When I play a new online crossword and win it, first I cherish the moment. Then look for another new puzzle to play.

I have now realized that the celebration of goals gives the opportunity to take the much-needed break, to reset your mind and soul and set bolder targets.

Additionally, achievements take you to the right path while building confidence. It also acknowledges what we have been able to achieve in the past.

So, make it a point to enjoy and make memories. Whenever you get time, try this fantastic online crossword game for some fun with your peers, family, friends or alone.

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