How Games Shape Our Culture & Society

by Max Fragar
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Gaming is no alien in today’s world. The gaming industry has transformed with time and so has our culture and society. Presently, there are a plethora of platforms where an individual can play games to be entertained or to win some money. It is true to say that online gaming has encouraged cultural bonds via the meeting of gamers across the globe.

Currently, players are curiously waiting for the new games to play. Without being aware that these games are making an impact on our lives and the community we reside in. Some studies indicate that games are a great way to bring something good to the world. It can serve as a medium to connect and bring people together.

Games vs Attributes

When we watch a movie or read a book, we only get a general idea and outlook of the plot. Gamers provide a new perspective to these stories since it gives them command over objects and characters in the story. It develops a deeper understanding of the plot. We get control over the outcome of the game with our actions. It measures our performance and provides scores accordingly.

Games are imitating modern culture and players can relate to the virtual environment. However, most of the games have no repercussions for the choice of games. There are certain games where players are required to go on a killing spree on the streets for amusement. This is opposite to the values and morals of our society. This is the reason there is a section of society that opposes such games and ask for a ban on them. Social experts also argue that this can have an impact on the behavior of players, most probably teenagers.

Researchers though beg to differ from these voices in that gaming can have any negative effect or influence on our community. Studies have shown that most people view games as a way of spending free time. It does not mention how they live their lives. However, there are other studies that highlight a link between games and the mood of the end user. Though just for a short time. Experts are still researching the long-term effects of games on individuals. It is appropriate to offer guidance to teenagers about the concept of gaming and what games they should play.

Contemporary Gaming Influences Communication and Synergy

The gaming sector has seen rapid growth in the technology revolution and the internet’s inception. Players worldwide can now play video games virtually anywhere and at any time. The world of online gaming brings people closer, which might not be possible in the real world. People from diverse backgrounds and cultures can connect on one platform and share their views and opinions about the game. There might be a challenge related to the language barrier; however, they can communicate and collaborate effectively in order to accomplish success and move to the next level of the game.

Online games have shown that individuals have something in common, although they have been born and brought up in different environments. It brings them closer as they make a sensitive connection with the game. Gaming lovers form multiple groups when they come together for a similar purpose or goal, to have both escapades and excitement. They participate to win and make a strong bond with each other.

How Do Games Impact Society?

Games can affect our lives in many different ways than we actually think about. It can break stereotypes and can make a great impact on society. Here are some ways to highlight how games influence our culture as well as society.


Educational institutions are not just about giving theoretical knowledge through the medium of books, but through games too. There are several web applications available on the internet that one can access according to their age. For example, toddlers can play interactive games such as crossword puzzles as these help them sharpen their skills and enhance their knowledge. Besides this, there are other games such as chess that one can play as these help to boost creative ability. When an individual is engaged in something of their interest, they tend to grasp the information easily and effectively. Digitalization has provided great resources to us where we can impart knowledge related to 3D simulation to our young generation in an organized way.


The advancement of technology has proven effective in treating patients as it acts as a therapy for them. The approach involves some thoughts from the gaming universe as it uses a similar interface to exhibit 3D media. Games are also quite useful for doctors as it helps them to study the internal body such as X-Ray and understand the required treatment better. This is the biggest advantage for them as they can access data using technology just as in online video games.

Enhances Vision

If we look back for around 20 years, we can see that games used to be developed by following with movies where a character was created keeping in mind the popularity of the star. Though with time, things have changed where these days game developers create games with high definition graphics focusing on every detail related to objects and characters. They ensure to give the best experience to the end user.

Gaming vs Aviation Industry

There is also a similarity between gaming technology and the aviation industry. Online gaming is all about virtual reality. These are quite helpful for amateur pilots who can learn how to fly planes and overcome challenges that they might face in the future while flying a real plane. Getting hands-on experience with virtual planes will surely make them more accountable and cautious.

Other Ways Games Impact Community

Games also assist us in our decision making as we tend to take the right one in most cases. There are certain challenges for a player to move to the next level. Moreover, there are rewards and recognition that help to boost the morale of the end user. Some may argue that there are few negative effects of extreme gaming as it can be an addiction. People tend to lose their time and money in games such as gambling and so on. Though, it all depends on the individual.


The gaming industry is expected to grow more in the future. Many new players belonging to different age groups are likely to be a part of it. This may include youth and adults. Besides criticizing and giving judgments about gamers, we should focus on communicating and listening to them. This will surely assist us in understanding gaming and its effect on social welfare.

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