Games to Play During This Festive Season

by Hanna Norris
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Christmas and New Year are around the corner. It is the time when we look forward to making the most of every moment. We make plans to celebrate the occasion with our family and friends. This is the season of happiness and togetherness. For some, it is an opportunity to connect with their loved ones such as planning a trip. However, for others it is a great chance to reduce stress and indulge in the spirit of a festive mood while relaxing in the comfort of their couch. Whatever the reason is, one thing is for sure we want to make the most of it and leave no stone unturned for it.

How to Make This Festive Season Special?

In these days and age, the trend of virtual tours and parties is quite high, since people look to celebrate the festivals with their kith and kin. The objective of such events is to celebrate the end of the previous year and give a warm welcome to a new one. These celebrations are usually recognized as virtual Christmas or New Year Parties, remote festival parties, or zoom holiday parties. Let’s take a look at some of the games we can play to make this festive season an exciting one.

Virtual Bingo Holiday Party

Bingo is the most loved holiday party game among people. It is a great fun-loving game which enables us to connect with others. Now, you must be wondering how one can play it online, since it requires individuals to be available at one place. Well, the answer to this question is that you can share the online link with your friends and they communicate with each other to find clues and then mark them accordingly. If you are playing it with a big group of friends, such as more than 15 people, then it is advisable to divide players into small groups and have fun.

The Naughty List Game

This game is an advanced theme-based holiday version of the game “Never Have I Ever”. In this, you can ask certain questions to participants and they have to answer them by putting their fingers down. Like, if you ask them “have you ever met Santa”, if they agree with you, then they will put one of their fingers down, and similarly the game goes on. Participants with all fingers down at the end of the game are on the naughty list, whereas the remaining ones are on the nice list. This is a great way to engage in some creative work where you can ask any naughty question to your friend and they are required to answer it to win a game.

Online Skill-Based Games

Online Games gained momentum during lockdown times. People were asked to sit at their homes and had nothing to do apart from their work. This enabled them to try their hands at skill-based games where they actually use their skills and win real money in return. People started playing mental ability games where they had to come up with creative ideas and think out of the box. Most of them showed interest in crossword puzzles or word games. The concept of these games is such that you can win as much as you desire depending upon your creative ability. This festive season, you can play them with your friends and can challenge them to solve a puzzle. The advantage of playing word games is that they can be played from anywhere at any time. So, you can start playing without giving it a second thought!

Holiday Icebreaker Games

These games will surely top the list if we have to rate the popular holiday games. The rules are quite simple and it’s easy to engage any individual with them. This can be played among small and large groups. The concept of this virtual game enables more people to participate. People of all age groups can play this game, which makes it possible to play with kith and kin as well as colleagues. Yes, you heard it right. Icebreaker can be played among professionals. Some of the most popular ones are community trees, Christmas confessions, and seasonal settings. You can ask a specific question and participants have to answer it irrespective of their wishes. So, you hear many exciting and unheard stories.

Most Likely To: Holiday Special Game

Another exciting and fascinating game to play with your peers or loved ones. It is a game of superlatives where you ask your coworker or friend a question asking what they are most likely to do. This is a perfect way for corporations to engage their employees who are working in a remote setup. This will make them feel valued and also assist in building strong team work. You can ask your team-mates questions such as who is most likely to spend the entire salary this Christmas season on shopping, who will bake the best cake, who will go on a family vacation and so on. This is a great and compelling way for participants to connect.

Instant Cash Quiz Game

Festive seasons are quality times to commit to your dear ones. This is the time to gel into the spirit of festive vibes with the whole family can enjoy the spirit of the good vibes. It brings back a lot of great memories such as buying new outfits, lightening up your house and the kitchen filled with the aroma of several sweets being cooked at home. All family members take part in different recreational activities organized to make the occasion even more jubilant!

Share your bond and bring your family together this festive season at one platform. Playing certain games can give you some sort of gratification when you play together. One of them is Instant Cash Quiz.

It is a thrilling and challenging game where you and your dear ones can win real money based on the knowledge. In this, participants are asked a set of General Knowledge questions and have to answer them correctly to win. So, you can build strong bonds with your family or friends virtually when you play it.

Predict and Win Game

The festive season is the best time to be grateful for what we have, such as family and friends. Stay connected with your neighbors, relatives, and friends to have an amazing experience in virtual surroundings. Playing Predict and Win Game is one way of showing your affection for your loved ones. Making them aware of certain opportunities where they can win some extra cash can be an unusual but pleasing way to show your appreciation for standing with you in your tough times. You can anticipate this will permit you to bring you even closer.

In predict and win game, participants are required to make predictions about the upcoming events related to sports, entertainment, politics and so on. If the prediction comes true, then one can win great rewards. This will surely add some good vibes to your festive mood since you and your friends can win big and make this festive season a winning one.


The Festive season brings joy and happiness into our lives. It is a time to celebrate our achievements and spend some quality time with our loved ones. Playing games can be a great way to make strong bonds and earn some bucks as well. Whether it is a Christmas holiday or New Year’s off, you can certainly make every moment count by participating in games. Let’s start the season of prosperity with something we have believed in since our childhood, something we admire, and something we are in love with.

Have a Great Holiday Season!

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