Puzzle Games to Earn in 2021-22

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Looking for online puzzle games to earn money? Want to know how, when & where to play online puzzle games to earn money? Do read our blog.

Have you ever heard of games that pay instantly to PayPal in 2021-22? You must be thinking, “is that even possible or worth trying?” Well, in 2021, the growth of science & tech is at a skyrocketing level, and now, in this era, everything is possible plus worth it!

With the help of technology, modern games, especially puzzle ones, brings mind-boggling experiences for the game buffs. The developers specially design the puzzle games after extensive in-depth research. It also requires loads of case studies, insights, innovative solutions, and, of course, educational material to build.

online Puzzle Games to Earn money

Since the puzzle game innovated, they took the gaming society by storm due to the engaging nature of the game. Puzzle games are surprisingly fun. Besides that, puzzles somewhat infuse educational essence. Hence, puzzle games don’t only give you enjoyment but also enhance your mental aptitude through various mystifying challenges.

Not just entertainment and fun, a number of game apps are there that truly offer actual cash for real! Here is the list of some enthralling puzzle and mystery games to fall for, and you can download these listed game apps to win real money 2021-22. Continue reading to know what those plays are. Let’s get started!

Online Puzzle Games to Earn Money:

Before we jump into the gaming list, let us first have a glimpse at the type of puzzle games. So, you can understand what particular game type fits your entertainment needs.

  1. Word game puzzle:

When we talk about puzzle games, we all first think about old-school word puzzles, right? Word puzzle games are the largely favored game by all gamers, from beginners to professionals, kids to adults, everyone. It remained the same as it was discovered.

Scrabble Go from Scopely was the most comprehensive growing title because it launched concerning the global platform early in the year. Besides, Words With Friends, Boggle, Word Cookies, Word Crush, etc., also gained enormous popularity and triumph.

  1. Trivia puzzle games:

Trivia games are always at a top height when the topic is about puzzle games. It’s a small sub-genre of IAPs. This game type received an overflowing preference from people due to the launch of Trivia Star. In 2021, a number of trivia games like Jeopardy Trivia Quiz, Trivia Crack, League Of Quiz are competing towards achieving victory crown and love from people.

  1. Action Puzzle:

Remember those games with Angry Birds titles and theme? Yes, we’re talking about those action-puzzle games inspired by Angry Birds Friends and Angry Birds 2 movie series. Although there are unlimited action-puzzle games, the angry birds game seems to dominate the sub-genre relatively heavily.

  1. Hidden Object leaderboard games:

The Hidden Object leaderboard games by PlayHOG tends to be the games that pay instantly to PayPal with a bonus credit of enjoyment and thrill. The June’s Journey, Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery from MyTona, Hidden City from G5, etc., to name a few, are the most thrilling puzzle games that gamers are crazy about. They are entitled to have a big dominating market in this sub-genre comparing to others.

  1. Solitaire Games:

Solitaire falls under the puzzle game genre that started flourishing. From the past year, it starts getting so admiration from people. Thus it becomes the favorite of all gamers. For instance, Solitaire TriPeaks and Solitaire Grand Harvest ranked 4.6-4.8 in Google Play as well as the Apple App Store.

However, other puzzle games are there that become favorite of kids and adults. These are significantly growing in the industry of real money earning gaming. Let’s take some games like the award-winning game World of Peppa Pig, high ranking Math Learner game, preschool Kiddopia, etc., for kids.

Your Favorite Android Puzzles Games in 2021-22

Smartphones, as well as any other digital devices, comes with an enabling touchscreen control facility. It offers a unique possibility for puzzle game developers. Especially our pocket devices are very much suitable for online puzzle game apps to win real money 2021 since they are easy to use, comes with easy to pick up, and use innovation. So you can play your favorite game whenever or wherever possible.

So, if you’re looking for a game that will throw you immense challenges and test your brain, check some of these listed below games out.

NYTimes – Crossword

NYTimes Crosswords is a traditional word puzzle game offered by The New York Times daily. It is arguably one of the most engaging, fun, ongoing trendy puzzle games of all time. You can even play this game right away on your smartphone as you don’t require a computer desktop anymore.

The crossword theme is pretty conventional like, the word puzzles from newspapers and magazines, now in digital form. No pen, pencil, or eraser needs with this free app. You require subscribing to the Times to access the “daily big puzzles,” and you, furthermore, will get Mini puzzles every day on a 5×5 board for free.

Besides NYTimes Crosswords, Crosswords games are really satisfying alternatives to start your day. Each puzzle might take 1-2 minutes to finish and is one of the best games that pay instantly to PayPal in 2021 once you win the match. Take your phone out of pocket, download crosswords, and start playing anytime while drinking morning tea, waiting in the traffic jam, sitting on the metro, or waiting for the bus.

Twenty48 Solitaire

One of the awe-striking solitaire games is Twenty48 Solitaire for its exciting fusion of classic Solitaire and 2048 puzzle game. Aside from the concept, the sweeping design, color block theme, and creative contests are enough to stand for this game. This game little varies from 2048 tile-swapping gameplay as it saturated with extra hitting-the-spot card tricks from Solitaire games. The more satisfying part is when you set up a series with the correct sequence of cards to form a cascade of cleared cards.

To play Twenty48 Solitaire, you need to hold on to some robust strategy about card placement. To prevent yourself box in, you would have a discard pile to use twice. The game has a monetization model by which you can earn instant money by playing non-stop matches.


It is a fun, colorful yet, pacifying puzzle game. The game features fantastic puzzles and is perspicaciously simple to play. At its core, Dissembler is a typical tile-swapping match-three game. Each level of this game expects you to flip the tiles to pair colors like any other tile swapping game.

However, that’s not it! Dissembler is much more than ordinary games. You’ll start with super-easy steps. But as the level grows, the game gradually starts presenting you with more complex puzzles challenging your brain. Instead of fretting, you have to be very clear and ready for the upcoming challenges because you’re playing this game to satisfy your mental intelligence, isn’t it? Additionally, Dissembler is one of the money-earning game apps to win real money 2021-22.

Cryptic equations

Cryptic games are way more enjoyable puzzle games buzzing all-around, from smartphone screens to examination papers. This game has the letter A–G. Each letter has some values from 1-7. You have to match the letters with an exact number to make the equations work. There was a time when people used to play this puzzle game like the board game on free time, which is now available on smartphones easily. This one of the best-listed riddle games for kids especially.

Popular iOS Puzzles Games in 2021

Who says online gaming and the money-making process are for android users only? Puzzle games always remain chameleons of the gaming world. Puzzle games can be creative, educational. These can adopt the ability of an RPG. Moreover, they can convert into adventure games, hiding in the shade of minimalist games.

Here is the list of iOS puzzle games that vary from super simple to notably complex.


Inspired by a film-noir animated comic book adventure, the game FRAMED is droning the gaming world. It is a unique yet innovative puzzle game theme with arresting visuals and a compelling story to try your hands on. This game will reveal to you a story that is obviously all jumbled up. Your role will be to put them in an accurate position to proceed ahead and level up!

In appreciation, the comic book art is striking. It can smoothly engage you to continue playing. The entire game is hand-crafted; furthermore, the storyline is so mysterious that it will hold you glued to the play for hours.


Threes is compatible with android plus iOS devices and one of the best games that pay instantly to PayPal in 2021-22. It is a matching puzzle game that emanated a 2048-clone phenomenon. This game has brought dramatic background music and smart concept to the puzzling genre. It can be a fun play comprised of digits, but you really need strong mathematical skills to solve the puzzle after puzzles. Threes help you open your brain ability and a penchant for thought if played frequently.

Deus Ex GO

Here comes the mobile addition of Deus Ex Go from the famous Square Enix Go series. This game has everything you can ever ask for in a puzzle game. This game leaves no space for gamers to get bored as each stage of this game consists of complex systems to resolve every individual puzzle.

To win the game, you’ll need to map some basic techniques, such as hacking computers, defeating enemies like other action games, and deceiving your movement around the plan. Downloading Deus Ex GO on your iPhone or iPad is a no-brainer.

Photographs – Puzzle Stories

Say hello to another stunning puzzle game – Photographs. It’s from the same guy who presented you YMBAB (You Must Build a Boat) but in the new form.

It’s genuinely an exciting one. You require to find pieces around to solve the puzzles. Once you solve the mystery, you’ll unveil and discover a story to move simultaneously with every specific scene. Anybody who plays Photographs gets immersed with the captivating tales of the game as the narrative goes beautifully well fabricated with the graphic pixel art and music pair.

List of genuine game apps to win real money 2021-

You know, playing games on your smartphone can make you rich as you can make some extra cash out of it. It’s a great way to make money online in your spare time. Since many of you experience a hustling life every day, you would want to have other entertaining activities after a hard day of a full-time job. And guess what, online money-making games are your best alternatives you can ever have.

Here is a list of legit game app platforms through which you can add some real money in your pocket and treat yourself!


Swagbucks is a free gaming platform for users and compatible with android, iOS. You can have a web gaming experience via Swagbucks as well. On this platform, you can earn approx. $2 – $4 per/hour free of charge. It is one of the best-known apps and websites, recognized for rewarding the users. The platform offers an extensive range of games and other options to earn rewards points that you can convert into cash via PayPal or exciting prizes.


My Points presents phenomenal games that pay instantly to PayPal in 2021, hassle-free. This free website can reward you $2 – $4 per/hour to even $10 Bonus cash through PayPal or gift cards. You can pass your spare time by playing incredible games at myPoints.com; additionally, earn extra money as a reward. Once you win a big prize, you can redeem the cash directly into your PayPal account or convert it into retailer gift cards.

Long Game

Long Game is a unique game app that rewards you in real cash for playing games. And surprisingly, the site is free to access for anyone. Moreover, there are no boundaries for earning rewards on Long Game; you can make money as higher as you want. Since it’s an app, it’s only accessible through android or iOS devices. The amount of cash you win from this app directly deposits the money in your savings account.

Wealth words

You can play crossword puzzles to win real cash and draw it promptly into your PayPal account. There are many different types of crossword games you can play, including different levels of difficulty and different race against time challenges where you earn more if you finish the crosswords faster.


Puzzles are interesting to solve, but these games take them to the next level. You not only enjoy playing these games and stimulate your mental faculties but you also end up earning real money. Choose your favourite from the above list and go for a spin.

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