Online Crosswords as a Fun Road Trip Game for Kids

by Carol Lee
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Road trips are one fun way of relaxing and rejuvenating with your family. Driving on the roads while eagerly waiting for an adventurous destination is something that surely gives a major adrenaline boost, doesn’t it? However, when you have kids around on road trips, there are chances of them getting bored. This might create a hindrance on your otherwise fun road trip. So, how to counter that? How to make sure your child is having as much fun as you are? Well, you can let them play games or watch movies online, right? But, the fact is they would probably get bored of that too. Keeping kids entertained is one hell of a task, you know? However, this task can become effortless if you let them indulge in online money games like Wealth Words.

Online Crosswords as a Fun Road Trip Game for Kids

An online crossword where you can earn money by playing games – that’s Wealth Words for you. An amazingly crafted word game which has taken the world of words by storm. After all, winning cash prizes out of a cryptic crossword is something that doesn’t happen every day. So, you see, how it can be a great fun way of keeping your child entertained while you drive through the beautiful roads all lost in its beauty? Willing to know more about this online money game?

Want to make your child a crossword aficionado in no time? Well, here’s a sneak peek of this intriguing and enticing game.

  1. No rocket science involved: Playing Wealth Words is as easy as eating a piece of cake. Yes, it doesn’t require you to have an over the top knowledge about everything. Because there are clues to do the same. All you need to have a little precision, focus to get hold of the clues and decipher the right answer.
  2. Tokens make way for the game: It requires you to purchase tokens worth $2 each for indulging in its online money games. However, it’s more of an investment and not an expenditure. Because the cash prizes that range anywhere between $50 and $1000 are way too high in comparison to this mere $2 of token purchase.
  3. Active time frame: Another crucial step to earn money by playing games here is to submit the answers in an active time frame of an hour. This is important to be in the ultimate race of winning some amazing cash prizes.
  4. Divisional prizes: Cash prizes are distributed here in the form of division 1 and 2. While answering its 20 puzzles correct can give you division 1 cash prizes, the division 2 cash prizes can be won by answering the next highest right answers.

Now, having read it all, what do you think about this online money game? Isn’t it enough to keep your child hooked throughout your road trip? It’s more than enough for sure. So, give your child the chance to unleash his/her inner wordsmith and win real money while you enjoy your road trip, one destination at a time. Happy travelling and puzzling folks!

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