How to Dig Out Hidden Words in Crossword Puzzles?

by Carol Lee
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Solving crossword puzzles requires a lot of layers to be deciphered. Sure, it doesn’t involve any rocket science but, it isn’t that easy too. At times, the clues come up with a lot of hidden words or telescopic clues, making the puzzle a lot more complex to crack. Be it any paperback puzzle or the contemporary online crossword puzzle, it surely needs a lot of intense brainstorming sessions to solve. However, with certain easy tips and tricks, you can do that effortlessly. Eager to get a sneak peek? Take a look then.

How to Dig Out Hidden Words in Crossword Puzzles

  1. Pay attention to the design of telescopic clues: In such clues, the answer is included within the text of the clue itself. Either the solution will be in a firm of a single word or a series of a set of words. The telescopic clues are basically designed in a 3 layer structure:
    a. Definition.
    b. Indicator with hidden words: It contains words, sentences or phrases signaling towards hidden words.
    c. The third layer consists of the words and phrases with the exact hidden words.
  2. Analyse the big words: The probability of deciphering the answers through a long word is really high. So, if you stumble upon a really long word in the clue accompanied with other words like ‘has’, ‘in’, ‘some’, you might be able to crack the puzzle with answer lying in the subset of words.
  3. Check for proper nouns: If by any means, a clue contains a proper noun, there are chances of it being an anagram. If this is the case, you would be able to decipher the puzzle seamlessly.
  4. Keep a check on the wrapped texts: Crossword puzzles in a regular form come in the format of the multi-column. Here, if the clue texts is a little long, it gets wrapped to the adjacent line. So, pay attention to words hiding behind these wrapped texts to get the puzzles right.

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