Make Most Interesting Puzzles with the Best Crossword Construction Tools

by Carol Lee
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Do you like brain games mind games? Have you tried them solving in the newspaper with the help of a pencil when you were a child?

While doing so, did you ever peek into the dictionary?

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Newspaper puzzles are still published and solved by many but in this world on the Internet, everyone loves trying online crossword puzzles.

There are some real money-making games where you get cash prizes on winning the puzzle.

But did you ever think about how are they constructed?

Here is the list of the best crossword construction tools:

1. Eclipse Crossword

Eclipse Crossword is creating your own crossword puzzle games.

If you are looking for a simpler tool then this is the one.

The user-friendly interface creates free crossword puzzles when you add the desired words and clues.

Moreover, you can save the word list and then use it later.

After adding the required words, all you have to do is to set the dimensions of the quiz.

Then, save the crossword to the PC. The application also supports exporting RTF, WMF, EPS AND LITE TEXT FORMAT.

The free Eclipse Crossword tool made millions crossword quizzes quickly within minutes.

2. Crossword Compiler

You should never stop playing free games to keep your mind sharp side by side.

The app has a useful wizard that allows you to choose the type of crossword you are willing to design.

IT can create American, British, cryptic, freeform or shaped puzzles.

Want more? What makes it unique is that you can make the puzzle in rectangular or any custom shape.

The app supports newspaper type crosswords and you can pick from any popular style.

You can also choose the type of puzzle, size and grid pattern. If you want, you can also craft a new grid pattern yourself. 

Aah, that’s too much, isn’t it? 

It has an autofill feature that fills the grids automatically with the help of the word list.

Crossword Compiler also has a clue editor that can be utilized alongside the third party dictionary.

The clue database helps in storing and extracting the clues also helps in building Sudoku puzzles, bared or coded puzzles.

After the completion of the puzzle, you can print or export it as a PDF file.

It also supports JPG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, EPS, and RTF formats.

The unique app also publishes the crossword online.

Upload the crossword to a dedicated server, then export the file and upload them to the server.

Many well-known crossword constructors use this software and design amazing puzzles for puzzle lovers.

3. CrossFire

CrossFire is a creative tool for making professional quality,

challenging puzzle games online.

This has been designed from the ground up to give you all the power required, that too without any added complexity.

Whether you are a crossword pro looking for a beginner crossword construction tool to simplify the workflow or an avid constructor, CrossFire is for all.

This amazing tool proves how simple and exciting it is to create new puzzles.

It takes your quiz from concept to completion.

The best part is, there is no need to buy a new machine or install Parallels as CrossFire gives you the power regardless of your computing platform.

Features of CrossFire:

If you are regular crossword constructors, you must be aware of the features you expect from the best tool. 

Crossfire is created while keeping your needs in mind.

Here are some of the features it offers:

  • Interactive grid fill

Automatic ‘quick grid fill’ that gives the info why unfillable grids fail

Selective fill of the puzzle sub regions

Quick editing and manipulation of multiple custom word dictionaries.

  • Comprehensive rebus support

Latest stats on letter count, word length, illegal and unfillable grid configurations.

Matt Ginsberg clue database integration

Popular crossword constructors like Joon Pahk and Andy Kravis use CrossFire for puzzle designing

  • Easy to use

What are you; a novice or a cruciverbalist, a computer wizard or a neo?

CrossFire will certainly make everything simple.

Everything s focused on a single location without disturbing special modes or multiple Windows.

Summary, words, fills, clues and lookups help you focus on the task at hand allow you to easily navigate from one task to the other without losing any work.

Are you designing a word finder crossword or finding the ideal set of fill words, no matter what, the required information is always on the screen?

  • Cross-platform support

From the veining, CrossFire was constructed keeping in mind that it will provide first-class support to all the major operating systems.

It has already been tested on Windows, Macintosh, and Linux.

  • Budget-Friendly

The tool gives you the power to craft the best crosswords regardless of the niche.

A simple $50 for a registered copy, a single sale in any major publication pays for the software outright.

Guess what, the purchase also guarantees a lifetime of free updates.

4. Bells and whistles

Besides the amazing crossword construction tool, the following are also provided:

The reference manual

All the features are presented menu by many and tab by the tab. This is the best source of knowledge.

  • FAQ
  • Get the answers like How to best utilize the tool and anything else
  • Puzzle construction walkthrough
  • Gives a step-by-step demonstration of the crossword making process covering theme selection, grid creation, filling, cluing and more.

5. Crossword Weaver

Another one is Crossword Weaver as the application has a very simple interface and you can choose between freeform or symmetrical crossword.

Want to create more free online addicting puzzle games?

Choose the puzzle type and then add the desired words and clues. Make the process faster by importing and exporting the word list.

After that is done, create your grid manually. The grid supports the symmetry mode as you can create the grid.

The app offers stats and it is easy for you to see the number of words based on the length.

Crossword Weaver is optimized for printing and anyone can preview the pages hassle-free.

Upload the crossword online free in a single click. Also, you can test and solve your puzzle directly from the application.

Crossword Weaver gives a wide range of customization options and the look of every page can be customized along with the font style.

Now that you know about so many crossword tools, do try them and share your experiences.  

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