8 Common Misbeliefs about Online Gaming

by Jean Palabrica
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In ancient times, people used to spend most of their time playing outdoor sports since they required more energy and helped them to stay fit. However, in these days and ages, it is true to say that technology has enabled us to manage everything at our fingertips. To explain it better, it can be said that slowly and steadily, it is becoming a part of our everyday life. Traditional outdoor games have been replaced with internet games, also recognized as online games.

Let’s Dive in….

Online games have shown immense growth in the last few years. Many people have changed their perspective related to them. Some people still doubt its credibility, though these are no longer correct. Let’s take a look at some of the misconceptions associated with online games. Also, understand why they are considered as the future of the gaming industry?

Gaming is a fool’s errand and is atrocious for kids

Playing games is a waste of time is something which we used to hear every day, especially for kids. This has changed in recent times. We are not advocating that kids should always engage in recreational activities. But it is also true that it instills a great sense of creative learning in them. Online games assist in the overall development of children. A study conducted by the child welfare organization revealed that when toddlers spend one hour of the day in games, their IQ level increases. Moreover, they tend to learn certain traits such as teamwork, discipline, confidence, and so on.

Online Games are addictive and makes a bad impact on the society

There is no denying the fact that gaming can be addictive. People tend to play more and more, be it a kid or an adult. However, this is true to some extent for players who indulge in electronic games such as PlayStation and Nintendo. On the other hand, word games require a short time. These games are designed to test mental ability, providing fun and gaining knowledge at the same time.

Online Games are designed for Housewives and Unemployed People

In this modern era, everybody loves to play games. Be it is skill-based or a game of chance. It becomes a mainstream activity for them, since they like to reduce stress while playing. A survey conducted on millennials shows that 1 out of 5 likes to play online word puzzles games as it gives them a sense of achievement when they solve the puzzle and also makes them feel relaxed. The most exciting aspect of online word games is that it has seen that families together are playing such games and giving hard competition to each other. This includes entrepreneurs, working professionals, housewives, students, and others. So, it is incorrect to say these games are designed for a specific gender or an individual.

Online Word Games are equal to Video Games

For many years, people have been participating in video games, be it as a single player or multiplayer. It is said that these games affect the mind as once we play them for 10 to 20 minutes, we have higher chances of being addictive. Not just this, sometimes this results in anxiety, depression, sense of disbelief, vision problem, and so on. The outcomes are the result of more screen time as there are multiple stages in video games and it takes a lot of time to play. On the other hand, word games can be played within a short period of time; these are more engaging as they are free, fun and entertaining. Most of the people prefer to play them in their leisure time, usually during lunch breaks, after education or work and at the end of the day before sleep.

People prefer to play free online games

We have heard this statement many times that gamers like to play free online games and not paid ones. The sector of online gaming is thriving and we have seen a firm increase in the number of paid transactions in recent years. In today’s world, people are not afraid to spend their time and money on skill-based games. Because they are aware that they can earn 2x or more. As per one of the leading digital payment platforms, the number of digital payments has increased in the last two years by approximately 46 percent. Among the top sectors for digital mode of payments, gaming ranked third.

Online Gaming is misdeed for advertisements

Online games have gained popularity in recent years among people and media. These are usually seen as a primary source of entertainment. People are not just playing them but showing trust, too, when it comes to investing their hard-earned money in such games. It is a great medium for marketers to promote their product or services and increase their brand awareness. According to a survey conducted on the people residing in the USA. It has been observed that they are ready to give up television shows or social media networks in order to play their favorite games as they spend most of their leisure time playing games. This provides an opportunity for advertisers to target them while they are engaged in something they love.

Online Games are booming only in the Occident

There was a belief that online games were popular only in the western world. People residing there were more likely to spend both time and money on them. However, things have changed in recent years. One doesn’t require a gaming console or weapon to play skill-based games. These can easily be played on mobile phones by individuals and that too, at their own convenience. Looking at the current scenario, China is the biggest market for skill-based games followed by the USA, Japan, and South Korea. These statistics are enough to prove that online games have grown fast outside the western community.

Mobile Games are just an alternate to computer games

Mobile gaming has exploded during the last two years. At present, gaming apps are the most downloaded out of all the apps as they account for almost 33 percent. Mobile phones are part of an extended self. We are addicted to smartphones and feel a sense of discomfort when we are away from them. This makes it a mandate for game developers to come up with a mobile app where they can engage with their users. It has been observed that 50 percent of gamers are playing mobile games and that these are no longer a substitute for internet games. Since people spend most of their time on smartphones, it makes it possible for them to continue their passion to play games whenever and wherever they get the time.


On the whole, online gaming has proven to be a great source of entertainment and earning some extra bucks. Be it convincing your kith and kin or any other individual, busting these common myths will help a lot in changing the perception about them. People of all ages are loving playing them and the numbers are bound to increase in the coming years. So, if you too have a passion to play online skill-based games, start here.

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