About Wealth Words


Unleash your inner wordsmith and get puzzling with Wealth Words!

This easy and exciting online crossword puzzle takes your puzzling experience to the next level with real money to be won!

Simply fill in the single blank letter for each word of the puzzle and click SUBMIT.

Wealth Words is a game of skill, with only one correct answer for each clue – so read the clues carefully to make sure you’ve submitted the best answers!

You can submit as many entries as you’d like while the puzzle is active.

The fun and oh-so-simple Wealth Words crossword puzzles can be completed in minutes, from any café, toilet, street corner or rainforest in the world…. as long as you have an internet connection you’re good to go!

Just remember to submit your answers within the one-hour time limit to be in the running to win!


Creating an Account to Play Wealth Words

To play Wealth Words you need to create an account and purchase Tokens.

To create an account click LOGIN on the top right-hand corner of the screen.

Then click REGISTER HERE at the bottom of the login pop up.

Once you’ve filled in the required information,  you’ll be ready to purchase your Tokens and begin playing.

Alternatively, you can register using your Facebook account by clicking on REGISTER USING FACEBOOK at the top of the CREATE ACCOUNT page.

Purchasing Tokens To Play Wealth Words

Each Regular Wealth Words puzzle is played using one Token.

The Tokens can be purchased by clicking on TOKEN PACKAGES on the HOME page.

The cost of one Token is USA $2 Dollars, but you can select a Token Package and purchase the Tokens at a cheaper price…. or you may be one of the lucky players who receives some free Tokens from the Wealth Words team!

Please note that once purchases of Tokens have been made they are non-refundable.

The purchases can be made with your Paypal account or your Credit Card via the Guest Paypal payment option.

Your winnings can be cashed out at any time and these funds will move into your Paypal account. This ensures that your financial information is only shared with Paypal. The winnings that are cashed out will be transferred from the Paypal account of Wealth Words which is called Greenpark Limited.

Your winnings can also be used to purchase more Tokens.

All Token purchases are priced in USA ($) Dollars and prize winnings are paid in USA ($) Dollars and converted into the local currency of the winner(s) when and where applicable.

Free Games

From time to time there will be a Free Wealth Words Puzzle where you will not need to purchase Tokens to play. You will only be able to submit one entry for a free puzzle.

Saving Paypal details

To avoid having to fill in your details every time you purchase Tokens you can save your Paypal details onto your Wealth Words account.

To save your details click on TOKEN PACKAGES then fill in your details (first name, last name and email address) under the CASH OUT VIA PAYPAL heading on the right side of the screen. Then press SAVE.

NOTE: You cannot save the details of your Guest Paypal account to the Wealth Words Website. You can only save them if you have an actual Paypal account.

Wealth Words Prize Pool

Each Regular puzzle has two divisions of cash prizes.

A single submission can only win in one Division. 

For example: A submission that wins Division 1 cannot also win Division 2.

Note: A submission is a single puzzle that has been submitted by a player.


Division 1

The Division 1 prize[s] will be awarded to those player[s] whose submission[s] have all the 20 correct answers for the 20 clues.


Division 2

The Division 2 prize[s] will be awarded to those player[s] whose submission[s] have the most (but not all 20) correct answers. That is, a maximum of 19 correct answers.

For example - if the maximum number of correct answers submitted by player[s] is 15 correct answers out of the possible maximum total of 20 correct answers, then all the player[s] whose submission[s] have 15 correct answers will be the winners of Division 2.


If there are Division 1 winner[s] there will also always be Division 2 winner[s].

If there are NO Division 1 winner[s], there will still always be Division 2 winner[s].


Super Word Puzzle

When there are no Division 1 winner[s], the Division 1 prize pool will accumulate and at certain intervals there will be a Super Word puzzle.

Super Word puzzles are 25-word puzzles with a bigger prize pool than the Regular puzzles.

To be a winner in the Super Word puzzle, player[s] must get all 25 answers correct. There is no Division 2 in a Super Word puzzle.

Get puzzling!